How To Build A Media Kit

So, what are Media Kits, and why you need one?  One of the many topics that comes up when you are a new blogger is what do you need to get started, especially when you want to work with brands.  One of those first things should be a Media Kit.  I didn’t have a set media kit until probably 2 years into my blogging career.  I relied on an about me page and then just sent over my numbers to brands and PR reps as requested, but I kept hearing about how important media kits were so I sat down one weekend and built mine.  It’s been a much easier way to share all my information in one place and pr people appreciate the ease that they can find out more about me and my blog.  Don’t worry if you don’t have one, it’s never too late or too early to get one going, but you should have a media kit no matter how big or small your blog is.

I like to think of a media kit as an infographic of you and your blog.   They should be a one page PDF for easy sharing, printing and downloading.  You can build them in Microsoft word or Google Docs, or if you are really lost ask around for a reputable graphic designer who can do one up for you for a fee.  My preference is using the easy templates in Word.  It makes building a media kit a breeze and there are many designs to choose from.

In your media kit you want to have key points that outline why a brand would want to work with you.

Include the following things:

  • A paragraph about who you are, what you blog about, what you hope to accomplish, how long you’ve been blogging. Make it keyword rich!  Keywords will help brands using Google to find you. If you are a “Mom Blogger” who loves “photography” “Books” and “sewing” and want opportunities for those things make sure to add it in.
  • A photograph of you looking your best. People want to put a face to a blog. Get professional head shots done if you can.  If you can’t afford head shots put on some makeup and go outside and have someone take a shot of you looking your best.  Tip – Sit on the ground and have them shoot down while you look up looking slightly to one side.
  • Stats – Brands want to know how far your reach is. If you are new write your numbers and indicate “and growing”.  You can pull stats from a variety of places like Google analytics, feedburner,, statcounter.  Also add in how many twitter followers, Facebook Fans, Google Plus, Pinterest…Any sites you are active on. will help you find out your demographics, but you can also run a survey on your blog.  Offer a small gift card as thanks.
  • Add in bullet points of which Brands you have worked with, other places you have blogged, and any awards you have won.
  • Ad/Sponsored post rates. I don’t add them into my kit preferring to have a separate rate card I can send out, but you can have key ones on the media card.
  • Contact information. Email, social media sites, and you can add phone #, but I’d only add it if you are sending out your media kits via email.
  • Get some of the brands you have worked with before to give you a testimonial and add that in too!
Other key points to remember:
  • Keep your media kit short, easy to read (no garish colors), use bullet points, and make sure to spell check!
  • Point form is best in a media kit, except for the about me section.

Media Kits can be standard page size or why not print it up on postcards to hand out to brands at #SCCTO an example of what can be on your postcard sized one from @CLBuchanan.  You don’t have to send it out to every brand that pitches, but it doesn’t hurt. I have mine up on my blog for easy access.  Rate cards I send out when replying to pitches.

Remember brands look at the whole picture, blog, facebook, twitter ect when choosing to work with people.  Staying authentic and engaging with your community means so much more then #’s!  If you have a small blog but highly engaged fans on Facebook and/or Twitter that counts for a lot! Some opportunities might be only on one of those platforms.

Great posts about building your media kit:


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Do you have a media kit?

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