How to Use StoryBy – The NEW Microblogging Platform that Pays

If you haven’t headed over to StoryBy yet I can’t urge you strongly enough to check it out. Whether you are looking for a new way to add an income stream to what you are already doing, or just want a user-friendly and easy place to express yourself, StoryBy is the place for you. It incorporates all the features you need to make sure that your content is getting seen and is easy to share.Best of all, if your post picks up some traction or goes viral you have the ability to put some money in your pocket.

But how do you use StoryBy?

First sign up at using your email, Facebook, Twitter or G+ accounts.  Once your account is active you can start searching for great content or get busy creating your own.

When creating your own content use the search feature to find out if someone has already started a section for the topic you covering. If they have click the start a blog link and your post will be placed under the appropriate, and easily searched topic. If your topic isn’t in the list simple click on start a new blog in your dashboard. Once you are in the blogging layout use text, images or a combination of the two to make your blog post stand out. You can even allow your photos to be shared outside your blog by enabling a 

Get Paid for Blogging

Once your post is done share it using the share links that can be accessed at the top of your post. Use the easy Facebook, G+, or Twitter buttons or the unique link to get your content in front of friends and family. The more you share the better the chances are that your blog takes off. More views, and more upvotes, means more money in your pocket.

I have been enjoying browsing, and using, the platform in my downtime. It’s easily navigated and I can save my favourite posts to my dashboard to reference or read later. It’s also been a thrill to get email notifications when someone comments or upvotes my posts, which has led me to post even more content. While I haven’t made any money yet I know that it takes time and dedication. I will continue using StoryBy to syndicate my content as well as post content that is unique to the StoryBy platform.

When you sign up let me know in the comments so I can follow and favourite your content! Remember the more you post and share those posts the more likely you are to see an income!

This post was sponsored by StoryBy. All opinions expressed are my own.

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