How To Use StumbleUpon

It’s a question I have been asked a few times and while I am no expert, stumbling great content isn’t all that difficult. As I posted last week the benefits of stumbling can be noticeable. Here are some of my tips.
  • First things first get an account over at StumbleUpon
  • Once you have an account edit your interests so that when you stumble you’ll actually get content that will be of interest. Be careful though. I put that alcoholic beverages was an interest and ended up stumbling beer bongs. So not my thing.
  • If you have a blog I suggest you get a button to add to the bottom of each post. It makes stumbling them so easy to do. I am a WHOLE lot more likely to stumble a post if you make it stupid easy for me to do. 
  • Another way to make it super easy to stumble is to install the StumbleUpon toolbar. 
  • If you want to stumble a post and they don’t have the button all you need to do is open StumbleUpon, go under favorites in your StumbleUpon navigation bar and click the button that says add new favorite. Copy and paste the url and then add a short review or description. It helps to add keywords.  I sometimes can’t add the keywords on that particular page so once I submit the post I go back and edit it to add them.
  • Can not be a deal/coupon/giveaway. It has to be something that will still be good months from now. Otherwise it’s not cosidered a good stumble. You can stumble reviews of products. Just make sure to add review as one of the keywords.
  • When you stumble something that is personal to you, or to your town, friends, etc and it gets thumbs downed a lot, it can effect the weight of that blogs future stumbles. 
  • Thumbs up adds a site to your favorites list, thumbs down removes it.
  • The more you rate sites the more it remembers what you like. So make sure you rate everything, your content will become more and more personalized making Stumbling even more fun.
  • StumbleUpon is social, so add your friends and contacts. Doing so allows you to then Stumble their favorites too!
I am sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg as to how you can use StumbleUpon, but I am still new to it and learning all the tricks. It is entirely possible to spend an hour or more clicking the Stumble button on the toolbar and reading great content! If you have any tips I’d love to hear them. Questions too! I am happy to find out for you. Add them in a comment or email/tweet me them and I’ll add them in with credit. Hope you find this useful and Stumble worthy. Have a great day.
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