I am just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

At least that is what I tried to tell myself as I walked out of Walmart tonight sans Sony Reader and choking back tears and disappointment. **Warning rant ahead, please scroll down to yesterdays cute Walrus pictures if you don’t want to read.**

I have never in my life had so many challenges buying something like I have this e-reader. First I made an error in entering my CC info with Dell. A day later I get an email that looks more like it’s a phishing scam then a major companies sales department. In the email they ask me to confirm credit card info and expiry date as well as address and name. Do I look like I have the word “easy target” tattooed across my forehead? Oops my bad it’s the Internet not real life. I decide I will call the number listed on the website after looking into the names and info I could about the senders. They seemed legit, but based out of India. I called and the depressed sounding customer service rep said she would pass the information on to the sales rep that contacted me. Another FULL day goes by before I receive a call where the service rep in question again asks me to confirm information by telling him it. No way… again he has the info already if it’s legit he can repeat it back to me and I will confirm it. He kinda chuckled and did it. I bet you thinking the whole time how paranoid I am.

Really how paranoid is it though. After the email and listening to people who sound like they would rather have their hair on fire I was left feeling less then pleased about my purchase. Not a good thing.

The next morning I wake up to an email that my order is in process. Estimated delivery date is more then a week away. I’m sorry but you have to do better then that. If an item is in stock it shouldn’t take 2-3 days to get it into the mail. After that I decided I had enough. I called to make sure it wasn’t in transit, it wasn’t, and then I asked them to cancel the order. I was told it was going to get flagged and take another 2 days before it was processed. That is unacceptable. I could see next day if I called near closing but for an early morning call it should be done that day.

I will not be going back to Dell for my computer needs or other needs. This has soured me on them. They would need to make a Herculean effort to improve customer service and better have some in the country please. I understand outsourcing but when I call a company’s CANADIAN site I expect to be talking to a Canadian.

*edited to add* Well gee this is getting interesting. I woke up this morning to an email from Dell saying that my item had shipped. Yeah great! (read sarcasm here) I guess I will have to refuse the item at my door now when it arrives. I am at a loss to understand how my item got shipped when it was supposed to be “flagged” as cancelled. It’s been almost a full 24 hours since I cancelled.

Onto this evening. I cancelled my order in part because I really wanted to have the reader in my hands by my birthday. I know Walmart is usually great about matching prices so after supper I packed all 5 kids up (DH is working late) and headed to the closest location. At the electronics department I asked the salesman if they would match the posted prices on Dell’s site. I came with a number of printed pages showing model #, price, and that it was Dell.ca. He said he would ask his supervisor. After a short wait he came back and said that no, he couldn’t price match the Sony Reader. When I asked why he simply stated that they don’t consider online stores competitors.



As a mom to many I do the BULK of my electronic purchases online. In fact that is pretty much how I did all of my Christmas shopping, Birthdays and other large item purchases in the past few years. Probably the only thing I don’t buy online is clothing, shoes and food and that’s mostly because I am hard to fit. I do ALL my research online and I have to say Walmart’s Canadian site is sadly laking there too.

So Walmart, get a clue.

I ended up walking down to the customer service desk, because I never give in without making sure. They confirmed the previous salesman stance and out we went. Walmart lost a $200 sale over a $19 price match. Not only that they most likely lost a frequent and loyal customer. I go there 1-2 times a month, spend a bunch and at even share great finds. No longer. I will be making my stance with my wallet. You can’s say you price match, but not respect all printed ads and prices.

I ended up looking over at Futureshop.ca where I found a very clearly written price matching policy that no only matches prices of an identical item as long as it’s in stock but also gives an additional 10% off the difference. I choose to pick up in store so I wasn’t able to get the match right away but I was assured that it wouldn’t be an issue as long as it was in stock at the competition and I brought in the website and a printed copy of the page. I will be heading down tomorrow as soon as I get the confirmation email that it’s there. It all works out in the end, b/c now I also get to get myself a special treat of a Second Cup Chiller (Ice cappachino)! I really pray that they hold true to this, b/c if they don’t I will skip the e-reader and just save my money for something else.

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  1. Go mama! I agree with you–if you price match–you price match. Looking forward to what you have to say about the Sony Reader.

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