I Had the Coolest Dream Last Night.

I don’t normally share dreams on here but I am really feeling the need to write this one down.

In my dream my Dad showed up just as I was drifting off to sleep and wanted me to go with him. He was sitting in this chair but at that point I didn’t recognize it as such. He started to take me on a trip through some of the places he had been and we started soaring through The Rockies. It was at that point that I realized we were just sitting in a big red blow up chair and I started getting really concerned about falling. Dad told me not to worry and pointed out a plane soaring far above. We began our decent. I was wondering if we would end up back in the small cottage on Quadra but he left me back in my bed. I had the impression that I was a young adult still living with my mother who was just outside the door bustling around the kitchen, which I could just about see through the crack of light pouring in my bedroom. Which coincidentally was the bedroom I have today.

My Dad lived in the Rockies when I was little. He was a coal miner, a mountain climber, A cliff diver and a hunter so the mountains were one place where he was really happy. When I would go visit him I always remember that first glimpse of the Rockies through his big red beast of a car and how excited that made me. I have very clear memories of the smell of the pulp mill in Hinton and the layouts of the streets when we went to the store or to go visit Grampa. I have vivid memories of Dad taking us on road trips (maybe there was only one) and we would stop and look at all the native plants and he would point out the Indian paintbrush and whatever else we happened to find. The only one I can recognize today is the Dogwood, Wild rose and Willows. Time spent with my Dad was always very precious to me. He worked 4 days on and 4 days off at the mine and when him and my Mom were doing good I would get to see him on those 4 days off. When things weren’t good my Mom would keep me from him so I could go months without seeing him although he was very good at calling.

I love that this dream got me thinking about the past and all the good times I had with my Dad. I am holding those times close since he is so very far away. I am sure this dream is a mash up of my conversation with my Step mom, Dad’s YouTube video and my Hubby going Moose hunting. (My dad went every year when I was a kid). It nice being able to spend time with him even if it’s only in my dreams.

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