I hate being that person

You know the one who has to track you down on your various pages to get you to follow through on something you committed to. Back in the beginning of April, April Showers Blog Design ran a giveaway on her Facebook page.

When I was contacted a few days later saying I had won I was excited. I was asked to fill out a blog design form and did on April 28Th. Now, I admit I never was told exactly what the “prize” was but I assumed that by filling out a form it was a blog makeover. I happily gushed on twitter and Facebook about how excited I was to be getting a new look from someone who up until this point I had only heard great things about. Then I waited expecting it to take some time.

May 18Th I received an email asking if I still wanted it. I replied of course. I wasn’t sure what was covered by the giveaway but I offered to do side bar advertising and tweeting to offset some of the cost.

After I emailed her back there was no response so once again I waited, assuming it meant something was in the works. During this time I noticed her hosting other giveaways of her services on her Facebook page and her blog. I was starting to get annoyed.

I emailed on June 26Th asking what was going on and got a quick response from her assistant saying that April was backed up, but working hard and that I was on the schedule for AUG 23! Now at that I was pissed. I am not sure how things work in the blog design world but that sounded fishy to me and like a long wait.

Again I played the bigger person and sat back and sucked it up only complaining a bit on twitter and Facebook without calling her out. I figured, OK, one last chance. You know fool me once shame on you bit. I contacted her again on Aug 8Th to make sure that it was still a go and was told that April was powering through designs and that hopefully I would see a first draft very close to my scheduled date.

Well Aug 23rd has come and gone and as you can tell by the looks of my blog there is no snappy new header that has cute Euro owls, no new buttons, backgrounds or anything fresh and new. I emailed again yesterday to see if they had something, anything to show me to keep me from loosing my top. No such luck. KABOOM!!

I don’t like being a bitch, I don’t like complaining. I just expect when you make a commitment you follow through and in a timely manner. If you can’t follow through, pass it on to someone who will. At least keep the lines of communication open so that people aren’t left wondering what the heck is going on. And for goodness sake don’t have other “giveaways” until you follow through on previous ones.

I suspect that by posting about this no “prize” will be forthcoming. At this point I am convinced she is putting me off in the hopes that I will go away quietly. Yeah in a house of 7 people we don’t do quiet. So thanks April for nothing. I hope life treats you well. Remember Karma, like me, is a bitch.

*Update – April contacted me a couple of weeks after I posted this with my rough draft and within probably another week everything was done and installed. I do love my new look, but don’t recommend her services unless you like frustration and waiting unreasonably long.

*Update Aug 2011 – Looks like she is still at it.

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