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At the end of June I was awarded the opportunity to hang out with Ford for the second time, this time for the Go Further With Ford annual trend conference that looks at the global trends and issues facing consumers now and into the future.  I love a good trend discussion and Ford always puts on a great event so I was thrilled to be able to rearrange my schedule to fit this event in.


Our first evening with Ford was spent at Ford Field enjoying great food…


Meeting some fabulous people.

And hearing about how Bill Ford’s long time love of the Earth has translated into greener and more sustainable autos in the future.  Did you know he was part of the Green Peace movement?  Or that he faced some pretty significant opposition to his ecological ideas when he first became a major player in the Ford team, even as the bosses son.  I sure didn’t. Listening to him speak you could hear the passion he has for carrying Ford into the future, but also hear how passionate he is about the environment too.

They are of course a car company first, but have strived to make their cars not only fuel economy and technology leaders, but also maintain sustainability of their cars. Right now all Ford vehicles are 85% recyclable with a goal of 100% recyclable in the future.  Using some of Henry Ford’s original ideas they are “opening the highways to all mankind” in new ways.  One of those ways, partnering with Zipcar which is a subscription based car coop service.  Ingenious!

As always Ford entertained as well and we were invited on to the Ford Field to try our hand at a little Football.  While I didn’t manage to kick a field goal I sure had fun trying and it was a very cool thing to be standing on the 50 yard line.


Stay tuned for Day 2 where we had the chance to sit in on 4 panels filled with people who are leaders in their fields.  To see all my photographs from the event stop by my Flickr page.

Disclosure – Ford flew me out, put me up and showed me a good time on their dime. All opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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