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WOW what a morning LOL.

And seriously I live in the coolest location. lol. I’ll start this off with me getting worried last night when DH was an hour late. Turns out he got held up by the torch relay. Not only that but because of the bad weather he ended up on the ferry that took the flame¬†across the St. Lawrence! I though WOW that is cool wish I was there.

Well I was heading out to get some groceries this morning when I noticed trucks at the top of my road. Why I didn’t notice them out my back windows I don’t know LOL. I had to drive by and circle around and then was stopped by cops. Turns out the 2010 Vancouver Olympic flame went right behind my house! So I said aw heck with the groceries and we tried to catch up with it so I could snap a couple of pics with my point and shoot. (this is where I am kicking myself for not grabbing the GOOD camera this morning) We did manage to catch up and I snapped these pics.

Waiting for the flame hand off

Here it comes


The hand off (Man what horrible pics LOL but you get the idea.) DS was enthralled.


We then hopped in the car and tried to catch up with it yet again, got held up at construction but managed to find the next hand off point. where I got this pictures and these goodies.

Unfortunately since the tumble at the beach the camera is fragile and the cold was just too much. It decided to die just as DS was posing with the torch-bearer. Good thing I have a good memory. We did get to see a second-hand off not 5 feet from where we were. LOL. SO that was my exciting day. I am thinking we may head out to Becancour on Sunday just so the older kids can see it. We’ll make a day of it and visit family. Wow it really was a special moment to see that.

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