I'm Dreading Tomorrow

We have spent the last week trying valiantly to save my daughters pet fish “Prince”. We tried everything, but two days ago it started to look as if the end was near and my daughter began bracing herself it. I was hopeful because he seemed more active and his fin was even up again this morning. Sadly tonight when Hubby went to check on him he was gone.

I am surprised that I’m sad. I fought and fought against getting a pet because I didn’t want to be the one to care for it. I gave in because Miss G was more responsible and she really earned the right to own an animal. She was so thrilled the day we picked him out. I even grew to love him because when I put music on and danced he’d come to the front of his tank and dance with me. It was a hoot.

Tomorrow morning I will have to tell her the sad news then plan a fishy burial as she doesn’t want him to be flushed. Now the question is do I let her stay home from school if she’s too sad? I wonder if she’ll want another fish right away, or time to mourn. Sigh. This part of parenting sucks. I wish I could have kept him alive for her.

I’m going to miss the little bugger.

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