The Importance of Music Education

Of all of the things I wanted to give my children to carry into adulthood, music is one that has been closest to my heart. I’ve seen the difference that music has made in the lives of my cousins, and my own life, and I want my children to experience and to be rewarded by everything that a music education offers.

Those many benefits for children include better interacting with their peers, expanding their creative potential, even bridging the gap to help them improve performance in other subjects. Studies* have shown that aside from providing children with a creative outlet, a music education can help improve language abilities, intensify emotional resilience and empathy, enhance attention span and focus, increase self-confidence and so much more. Being able to read and play music gives musicians another language, a way to experience and share depths of emotions with others and team play at a very sophisticated level. Many researchers have also linked music lessons with increased IQ and improved academic performance.

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When we moved to Edmonton two years ago, one of the first things on my list after finding a job was looking into music lessons for my kids. I used all the resources I had available to me, including the National Music Teacher Directory and we found a wonderful piano instructor that made my daughter’s dream of playing piano a reality. After just a half a year of lessons my daughter’s self-confidence grew, and her already good marks in school improved. She also found that she had real talent for tickling the ivories.

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Sadly, a move to bigger and better things for our piano teacher has left us looking for a new instructor, but I have faith that with the help of the National Music Teacher Directory provided by the Royal Conservatory, we will not only find a new piano teacher for our daughter but also guitar, flute and voice teachers for our other children as well. The directory is so easy to use; it provides you with the ability to search for certified teachers not only in your city, but even close to your home.

It can be challenging to find the right music teacher for your child, but the Royal Conservatory has tools to help. Using the National Music Teacher Directory you can find a certified and reputable instructor to help your child reach their full musical potential. Visit the directory to see the wide range of music instruction available in your area.

*Source – “The Benefits of Music Education: An Overview of Neuroscience Research.”

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  1. Fabulous post! We had this dream too. Our daughter played for four years, three years between her brothers. It definitely has it’s benefits but nothing beats Christmas morning and your children are playing Christmas songs on the piano!

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