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Are you getting an iPad for Christmas? Buying one for your little one? If you are looking for entertaining, interactive story book apps for the iPad look no farther then the ones created by Potrus Interactive Fun for Children. They have taken the classic stories of Puss in Boots, Thumbelina, Little Red Riding Hood, The Ugly Duckling, The Three Little Pigs and The Frog King and transformed them into entertaining, interactive tales.

Each of these beautifully illustrated books not only tell the story with vibrant images but each story also has many different objects that you can interact with while reading the story. You may find in the story mushrooms that shrink when you touch them, branches that move or berries that you can toss around. Have fun discovering each new treasure as you turn the pages with a flick of a finger.

Some additional features of these children’s ibooks are:

  • Choose to have the tale read out load, highlighting each word as it’s spoken, or turn it off and read to your child instead. This makes it a fabulous ibook for children of all ages and stages of reading.
  • You have he ability to auto turn pages or simply tap or drag your finger to go forward or back.
  • There is background music that you can turn on or off.
reading at 2.

We have had the opportunity over the past few days to try out these book apps and I am happy to report that the 3 youngest kids (ages 2-6) are absolutely enthralled by the collection of books. In fact they are often the first app that the kids go to. So far the kids don’t show a preference for any of the tales but I really enjoyed Puss in Boots. I would recommend you download one or all of these apps as they are a great way to get in some snuggles while sharing a classic fairytale from your childhood. At $1.99 each these apps are reasonably priced and well worth it.

These are the 6 Grimm Fairy Tales that they currently have available:

Puss In Boots ~ A Grimm fairytale, this story tracks the adventures of one of three sons whose father leaves him a unique inheritance upon his death. Left only a small cat he wonders how he is to make his fortune. Follow him as the cat takes him on a grand adventure that leads him to amazing riches.

Thumbelina ~ A Grimm fairytale about a woman who longs for a child. Her wishes come true with the tiny Thumbelina. Unfortunately her joy was not meant to be. One day while out wandering Thumbelina ends up drifting away down a river when a water lily she was sitting atop brakes off. This is the beginning of a fantastic yet dangerous journey for Thumbelina, one she may not come home safely from.

The Frog King ~A Grimm fable about acceptance. When a young princess encounters a frog sitting on a water lily after searching for her lost ball ball the frog promises to retrieve her ball on the condition she plays with him. When she runs away before fulfilling her end of the bargain the frog finds her and gets what`s coming to him.

The Ugly Duckling ~ A Grimm fable about overcoming hardships. Growing up as the ugliest duck isn’t any fun but this story makes the journey for us enjoyable as duck endures hardships and teasing, ultimately becoming a beautiful swan.

The Three Little Pigs ~ Little pig, Little pig let me come in…Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. WE WON’T LET YOU IN! One of my favorite children’s stories. The tale of 3 brothers who move out into the world and have to learn to work hard and work together to stand against the evils of the world. Namely the wolf. A Grimm Fable about hard work and solidarity.

Little Red Riding Hood ~ A Grimm fable about bravely and humility. While taking some goodies to her grandmother Little Red Riding Hood enters an adventure like no other. Having to rely on her keen skills of observation and the help of the woodsman will she be able to thwart the wolf and save her granny?

Here are a couple of video’s I took yesterday to show you how much fun these apps for kids are.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have a very Merry Christmas!

*Disclosure – This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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