Introducing My Pampered Pooch @MyGirlButtercup #CollectiveBias

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Once upon a time I convinced myself that I was a cat person or even better a no pet person. There was no room in my heart for a rambunctious ball of fur that barked. Boy was I wrong. Last winter, a few months after losing our trainer dog Toby to old age, we decided it was time to take a dip into the puppy pool. I loved my old boy, but I knew the kids would like a pet that they could play with. We kept our eye on Kijiji and the local animal shelter for the perfect pet, and finally found her living on a farm just outside the city.

buttercup at PetSmart

Our puppy is now almost 10 months old and while she sometimes keeps us on our toes, she is a well loved, some might even say spoiled, part of our family. Princess Buttercup (of the Rochester Valley – DH’s addition, not mine), might be small, but her lovable personality makes her a big part of our lives.

buttercup at PetSmart

Like with my kids when I am out and about I can’t help but think of things that she might like which inevitably leads to me spoiling her on occasion. It’s not unusual to find me perusing the aisles of PetSmart browsing the latest in dog toys and picking up Buttercup’s favourite treats so that we can work on fine tuning her training. Since she gets car sick, a great thing with our road tripping family, I never thought about taking her out with me on my trips to the pet store. Last week after a visit to our favourite groomers I decided why not swing by PetSmart since it was on our way home and pick up some new toys and treats. Boy am I glad I did.

buttercup at PetSmart
HMMM What to choose, what to chews?

Watching her shop sniff the aisles is was so much fun and I discovered she knows which toys she likes and isn’t afraid to show me by digging her nose into bins and climbing right into my basket to play with them while I’m looking at other things. I think that I’ll have to bring her out with me more often. One thing a puppy needs lots of is chew toys, especially if you want to have shoes to wear.  I know I’ll be back.

Buttercup at PetSmart

Something else they need is a name tag with phone number. After a scare early in the summer I want to make sure I have all my bases covered. Even though she is now chipped, I want to make sure should she get lost that the person who finds her could contact me. The kids managed to lose her first tag so while at I took the time to pick up a spiffy new one with their self-serve kiosk. She could care less that it’s purple and perfect, but I love it and it was so easy.

Buttercup at PetSmart

Our pets give us so much joy and love in life that they deserve to be pampered. PetSmart makes that easy and fun. Best of all no one looks twice when your little pooch is barking with excitement at all the fun stuff and furry friends that are shopping too. Now to get to the fun part of playing with all these new toys. I must remember next time to skip the squeaky ones.

Buttercup at Petsmart

Buttercup at PetSmart

Buttercup is loving the Toys R Us Pets Toys (Who knew that was a thing?)! What is your pets favourite toy?

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  1. I love Buttercup! She looks so much like my cockapoo pup, Kimber! Kimber is also a pampered pooch and I take her to Pets At Home (UK equivalent of Pet Smart?) whenever I can. She loves it and takes me to all her favourite treats and toys. Just this week I was deciding which flavour of kibble to buy, and unbeknownst to me she was sitting looking balefully at the biscuit bins. Well, didn’t a member of staff take pity on her and give her a free biscuit! They know exactly how cute they are, don’t they!! 🙂

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