It's Monday

And I have nothing profound or even vaguely interesting to say today.

We are getting yet another reminder that Mother Nature is in charge and winter isn’t over until she says it is. Of course the weather is like this on the one day this week that I absolutely have to go out. S’s glasses have conveniently lost a nose pad and we have had a pair of frames waiting at the store for almost a month to try on because the new ones we bought him had a chip. I don’t really want to go out. On day’s like today I love sitting at my sewing machine and tinkering.

I have 4 pairs of pants to hem for Luc, Easter baskets to design and make (or I could just use this pattern I won, which is on sale and an e pattern for those that like instant gratification like me.), dresses to make the girls and a bowling shirt for S. Not to mention my mending Rubbermaid which has gone from being only a little bit full to super duper overflowing taking over my sewing area. Yikes. I need to take a week off from the computer and just sit up stairs and work.

And mentioning work, I chatted on and on about getting things ready for my etsy shop. Yeah right LOL. I have 2 purse organizers sewn but haven’t found the time to do the write up and listing on Etsy. See I definitely don’t have it all together I just put on a good show most days.

Add to that I told DD3 that we would work on her March school project this past weekend because I am finally feeling well enough to bake. Yeah that so didn’t happen either. I plumb forgot and as I went through my email inbox this morning to clean it out a bit I came across the notice from the teacher. I know what we will be doing tonight when she comes home from school. Now to pick which kid/allergy/easy recipe to do and send to class tomorrow. I hate mommy homework.

Well I guess it is that time. Time to log off, brush my teeth and hair and get my butt in gear! Have a great day! Oh and please if you have a couple of extra minutes vote for me at Top Mommy Blog and vote in my E-reader poll.

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5 opinions on “It's Monday”

  1. I just took your poll. I voted iPad, although I assume they're going to be pricey. Right now I use Kindle for Blackberry. It's not bad, and easily portable. I can read in bed before getting up, or at the dinner table, or while cooking, or on the potty! I love how portable it is. Since I have that, I won't be buying an eReader. It was free (I had the phone already) and updates will be free.

    Do consider that a decent netbook can be bought for $280, as well. And Kindle can be downloaded for PC, or if not yet, they're working on it. I bought one from Tiger Direct $280 and it lasts six to eight hours away from the charger. And I could read books, as well as do Facebook, and read your blog, AND update my Excel/Word spreadsheets whenever, wherever, and in color. It's only about twice the size as the large Kindle, and cheaper.

    Also wanted to say I love your blog! 🙂

  2. Good point about the netbook. It will be added to the consideration pile. I am thinking the ipad will be out of my budget.

  3. So sorry for having given you "mommy homework"!!! Remember my daughter's in K too and I had to do the darn homework also! Didn't know you had a blog! I'll have to read more when I have a little more time!
    Take care!
    Nataly (AKA: Miss. Nataly, mother of 3, hockey mom, ballet mom,full time K-teacher, director of EPEQ!!!) 😉

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