It's not About Balance, It's About Comprimise

As parents we hear all the time that raising a healthy and happy family is all about balance. Baloney. It’s not about balance at all, but compromise and choosing your battles.

Food is something that I have learned to compromise on. My kids have never been picky eaters, save for my oldest who would only eat protein in the form of those little meatballs found on frozen pizza and hot-dogs as a toddler. I learned early on with her that I could offer a wide range of foods but I couldn’t make her eat. It wasn’t worth wasting energy on.

I never wanted food to be a battle so I would strategically place veggies, fruit and cheese out at snack time and meal time, often with dip to make it more fun, but when it came to meat I gave in and gave her what she would eat. I knew eventually her taste-buds and curiosity would lead her to ask for what we were eating.  I was right, and now I have to limit how much meat she eats and encourage her to fill up on veggies.

The pre-teen years have brought us a whole new range of challenges when it comes to nutrition. My daughter eats great at supper time, filling her plate with a little bit of everything. At lunch she usually chooses to bring leftovers and an apple, but breakfast has become a struggle. While the other kids will eat toast, eggs, porridge or cereal, my eldest steadfastly insists that she isn’t hungry and that her appetite hasn’t woken up yet. While I know that the teen clock runs on a different schedule it feels so wrong sending her off to school unfed. Having a good breakfast is so important to a learning mind and a growing body.


That’s why I am so happy to have discovered Orange Naturals. The ND Shakes for Teens are custom-made to support the changing adolescent body. The added banana and milk in the smoothie add extra nutrients and help fill her up.

It combines just the right amount of plant protein, greens and superfruits, with a taste that will make them happy to drink their veggies! With a daily dose of ND Shake Teens, teens get a built-in multivitamin that is professionally formulated for them. It contains superior nutrient forms that are highly absorbable to support their changing bodies and helps support the development of bones and teeth.

I no longer have to hope I can convince my daughter to eat. Every morning without fail she asks for a double chocolate smoothie, sometimes paired with a bowl of oatmeal or and egg. (whoo-hoo!) She goes to school ready to face the day and I can rest easy knowing that she’s getting the nutrients she needs. It’s one compromise that has been easy to make. 

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  1. What a lovely young lady and she looks so much like her Mom 🙂 Feeding teen girls is a very difficult thing. My teen doesn’t like most things I make and often has a difficult time finding food she will take to school to eat. It’s just best if she goes to the grocery store to pick out what she likes.

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