It's the Great Hallowscrooge

Yep Booh Humbug. You heard me. I dread Halloween most years. I used to love it but only as a reason to go out in some scandalous outfit and dance until I couldn’t feel my feet. Since having kids, even though I try, I just can’t get into it. I had high hopes with my oldest of getting the whole family decked out and doing trick or treating but it never happened. DH isn’t into it any more then me so he’s no help.

Maybe it’s the fact that here Halloween is a cold and often wet affair so even if your outfit is fantastically awesome, it doesn’t matter, no one will see it under the parka. It could also be that it’s the start of cold and flu season and half the time one or all of us are under the weather.

I won’t even get into the cost or timeĀ  involved in getting 5 little ghouls out the door…

Maybe when they are a bit older and I have friends I’ll throw a party, but until then I say Boo to Halloween!

The candy is cool though. Muhahahaha

Just because here is a picture from Halloween past. My youngest as a baby. This was taken 2 years ago.

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