Kleenex – A Warm Hug on a Cold Day #ShareKleenexCare

I’m all about maintaining health & wellness during the cold & flu season. That means keeping Kleenex on hand no matter where I am. I know that if I don’t have one at the ready the kids are likely to do the full arm swipe. Eww. At this time of year “could you please pass the Kleenex” is something heard many times a day; from the kids in the morning, to coworkers and even from the patients that come into our optometrists office. While the weather has warmed up I know there are still a few more colds and flus left in old man winter.

Share Kleenex Care

Last week I headed out armed with some Kleenex Care packs on a mission of sorts. My mission, to save sleeves from snot and fingers from germs thanks to Kleenex Care. It was an adventure to be certain. We came across families, elderly people, and lone shoppers who were unsuspecting of our efforts. Some of them thanked us with a smile others were confused, but smiled as we walked away, and yes, sadly there were a few who declined our offer. One thing I realized in our attempts was that passing the Kleenex made us smile, and laugh, and at the end of the day I know that everyone will be thankful for the conveniently sided package of Kleenex in their pockets the next time they sneeze.

At my office the box of Kleenex I brought in was a welcome addition. While we always have boxes of tissues on hand, they aren’t as soft to the touch, and nose, as Kleenex. With all the weather changes we have experienced there are more runny noses, and eyes than usual. When I stealthily push the Kleenex closer to a patient in an unspoken offer of kindness, I am always greeted with a smile.

Share Kleenex Care

Kleenex tissues are a hug of sorts freely given and almost always accepted. Keep a package on you and share the Kleenex Care when you see someone in need. You’ll both feel better for it!

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