Lay's Chip Trip #2 Subway Gift Card ~ Wordless Wednesday version

I headed to Subway with my Lays Chip Trips Reward of a $5 Subway gift card to pick up lunch on Father’s Day.  This was the result. DH was happy he wasn’t with me.  He embarrasses easy.  As you can see. I don’t.  Hmm ok, let’s see if this will work.

OK that seems fine. Yep, wait nope wrong side.
I am sure people are wondering what the heck I am doing.
Let’s see how many chins I can get in the picture.
Gotta get a picture of duck lips. QUACK!
Arghhh Matey? Cute? Nope, not sure what I was doing here.
Ah Lunch! The staff I am sure thought I was nuts, but hey…
*Disclosure – I am participating in the Lay’s Chip Trips program by Mom Central on behalf of Frito Lay. I received Lay’s Chip Trip points and a gift card to offset my trip costs and to facilitate this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.*
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4 opinions on “Lay's Chip Trip #2 Subway Gift Card ~ Wordless Wednesday version”

  1. Hey Subway Fan!!

    Following you now! Thanks so much for the youtube video! LOVED IT!!

    BTW…are you in Canada? Regardless, we can offer you 18 FREE apps if you write a review and/or offer give-away!

    Would LOVE it! You can reach me at


  2. Girl: You are funny! Love the chins and yep don't you often think wow people must think me nuts taking pix, talking to my camera or video camera. My kids fight over who is going to be in the blog, like it's an honour whenn I usually write about the dopey crap they do. Silly!


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