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After labouring through the night with my first baby, and being kept awake the better part of the rest of the next day because she had an insatiable urge to suckle I was a mess. I just needed a little sleep and nothing but mama was working so I decided to give in on my views of soothers and listen to my nurse and sent hubby to Walmart to pick up something, anything. I knew nothing about soothers because I was so focused on other things so I had to send my hubby in blind.

I can almost see it – my husband, as a first time dad, trying to navigate the Walmart Baby department searching for just the right soother. “Should he get the soother with the rounded end? Or maybe that angled one,? Since she is nursing should I get the one that looks like a nipple?” I’m sure he was cursing me – in French no less. In the end he ended up buying one of everything, and we let Miss G decide which one she preferred. Mama got some rest, hubby got some snuggle time, and Miss G ended up loving nursing.

That trip to Walmart to pick up a few things was one of many he made for me. They would have been much easier and faster had there been a specialist in store to help. Heck there were a few times when I was left staring into space. Some of the questions I would have loved help answering are:

How many newborn diapers will I need?

Should I get a small car seat to bring baby home, or can I go straight to a convertible car seat?

Which bottle is best when you are nursing and want to bottle feed baby sometimes?

What gift would a 2nd time mom appreciate the most?


Now you can get help with these questions and more. Starting this week Walmart has in-store specialists available to advise new and expecting PARENTS on all things from bottles to baby carriers and everything in between, making shopping for little ones easier and less confusing. Specialists will be equipped with tablets for easy access to the baby registry and Walmart.ca to show you exactly what you need. From November 15th- December 16, 204, on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at select stores, shoppers can look for in-store specialists at the “Let’s Talk Baby” kiosk , and for the first three weeks, specialists will also be available on Thursdays. Look for specialists in stores again from January 6th to 27th 2015 (dates subject to change).

“Expecting a new bundle of joy is an exciting time but it can also bring a variety of questions,” said Meghan McConchie, directory of category marketing, baby at Walmart Canada. “We want to help Canadians plan accordingly and with the help of our in-store specialists we’re offering a better shopping experience for parents and parents-to-be.”

Getting advice from the experts keeps guessing, at least when it comes to what to buy, at a minimum and that is a wonderful thing. To find a store in your area, please visit http://www.walmartlivebetter.ca/letstalkbaby.

Disclosure – I am a Walmart Mom and as such receive perks. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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