Manitobah Mukluks – More Than Just Nice Boots

I have always had a love for products that are handcrafted in Canada and where ever possible I shop local or Canadian. The care and pride that goes into something that has been created by a talented artisan just can’t be equaled, Manitobah Mukluks are the perfect example of that. Created by Canada’s first nations, the mukluk not only looks beautiful but also protects our feet from the harsh Canadian winters.

What is a Mukluk

Recently the Mukluk has enjoyed a resurgence in popular culture thanks to stars and royalty, including wee Prince George, enjoying the comfort and warmth of this traditional footwear. I can see why they are so popular after finally getting my own pair last April. My purchase was the culmination of a long time love affair that started when I watched my Dad marry Step-mom  who was wearing in a pair for their outdoor wedding in the wild of the North West Territories, 20 years ago.

Dads NWT Wedding at the Small Cameron Falls

When trying to pick out my first pair of Mukluks I had a hard time choosing. There are so many styles of boots, then there is choosing between suede or leather, fur or no fur. While each style is similar they each have traits that make them unique.  I decided to go for broke and purchase the Metis Mukluk in honor of my husband and kids heritage. I am so glad I did too because the boots are gorgeous. The hand beading details are so well done that every time I put on my boots I feel amazing, even if I’m just in a pair of yoga pants.

Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks

One thing that sets Manitobah Mukluks apart from the rest is probably the least noticed thing about them. The designers knew that while their mukluks were ideal for harsh winters in the wild, that the urban jungle presented a new set of challenges. With that in mind they challenged Vibram® to design a sole that could withstand the effects of cold while also meeting the demands of high-abrasion urban environments. Beyond that though, they took the love of beautiful craftsmanship even further by having their artisans create a beautiful design for the soles of the boots.

From the top to the bottom, Manitobah Mukluks are pure luxury, beauty and a testament to good design. I admit I am already planning which one I want next, and with slipper season here as of today I’m thinking that perhaps I need to get myself some moccasins as an early Christmas gift. I think you deserve a pair too!


Disclosure – I was provided with a discount code to purchase my Manitobahs, but wasn’t required to blog about them. They are so wonderful that I can’t stop talking about them. 



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8 opinions on “Manitobah Mukluks – More Than Just Nice Boots”

  1. They are the best cold weather footwear I have found. Now. there may be some high-tech knock-offwhich also works. I would stick with the best. I used felt to protect my feet while in the far north for five years and I have all my toes. Just sayin….

  2. I love Mukluks and Moccasins! One of my best friend’s mom taught my mom how to make both after she moved next to us in Ontario from Manitoba.  My mom has made each of the grandkids including my 2 girls a pair (with beading too) that the girls wear as slippers in the house although I’m sure they’d stand up in the winter outside too!

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