Meal Planning and Lazy Dinners – How My Frigidaire Freezer Keeps Me On Track#TestDriveMoms


Since going back to work I have been trying very hard to get into the routine of meal planning. Some weeks though things get off track and we just don’t get around to sitting down and doing the planning. It’s during those times that I am really glad to have my Frigidaire freezer stocked with some lazy dinner helpers like cooked ground beef, frozen veggies and homemade soup stock.  With its seventeen cubic foot capacity it helps me stock up, save time and best of all, save money!


Unlike some people I know, my method of meal planning is a little loosey goosey. On Sunday night I gather everyone around the table and ask them what they want to eat that week. I make a list; I check what is on hand in my pantry and freezer and then head out shopping. While out shopping I also look for freezer staples on sale and stock up if they are. Some of those staples include:

  • frozen fruits and veggies
  • soup stock
  • ground meats like beef, pork and turkey (I precook some and freeze the rest raw)
  • grated cheese

Another way my Frigidaire freezer helps me stick to my food budget is that it gives me ample space to organize and store all the extra food. I aim to make an extra-large batch of whatever we are eating whenever possible so that I can freeze the leftovers into individual servings. Those individual servings are perfect for popping in the microwave oven at work – saving my husband, and me, from having to head the food court. It equals cash in my pocket.

Ground Beef

If we are doing loose meat hamburgers or shepherd’s pie, I cook up extra ground beef which gets tossed into the freezer. Those little bags of cooked ground beef are dinner savers! If for some reason I’m not able to prep dinner before going into work, or if we have a catastrophic meal failure, those bags get used for all sorts of meals. They might end up in last minute tacos, chili or my hubby’s special ground beef pasta dish.

Home Made Spaghetti Suace

Owning a standalone freezer means more space to freeze “extras” so you always have certain ingredients on hand. Check out Frigidaire’s cheat sheet for tips on which foods can go in the freezer and which foods to avoid freezing altogether, as well as more tricks which will make your life easier.

Disclosure: I am part of the Frigidaire® Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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