Mega Bloks – New for Fall 2013

Mega Bloks

My kids are little builders and they amaze me every day with how creative they can get. They can pick up a piece of paper some glue or tape and create amazing structures for their toys just using their imaginations. Paper and glue is a fun medium but nothing beats building blocks, especially since they have discovered Minecraft. It’s truly amazing what they can create when given a little time and a brand new package of Mega Bloks.

I was recently sent a selection of Mega Bloks fall 2013 lineup and my kids literally squealed in glee when they saw what had arrived. Mega Bloks construction sets are timeless toys that both girls and boys think are fun– and parents like them for their educational and developmental value. Mega Bloks is home to some of the most popular and familiar building sets such as Barbie, Halo, Hot Wheels and Skylanders (a personal favourite of ours) which adds to the excitement of building with them. Stick with the instructions or take your own route and create something out of your imagination.

The sets that we were sent to try ranged from large sets to smaller ones. Below are my thoughts on each one.

Skylanders Giant Mega Bloks
Skylanders Giant Building set

Skylanders Giants – Arkeyan Robot King (94559) was immediately grabbed up by my video game loving 7-year-old son and within an hour or two he had managed to put it together following the instructions. He did decide to skip a few steps so that it would be finished faster, but that is  beauty of Mega Bloks. You can take the sets and modify them to your unique vision, or need to play with them RIGHT NOW.

Once my son was done with Skylanders Giants he moved on to his second favourite things, Hot Wheels and because it was a smaller set it came together much easier and faster. Before I knew it Arkeyan was riding around on the Super Blitzen Monster Truck creating chaos for his sisters who were busy setting up the Barbie Super Star Stage. There may ave been a crash and some indignant shouts, but the kids were so engrossed with completing their projects that they set right back to work. I just had to laugh. The only thing besides video games that is guaranteed to keep my kids quiet and occupied for hours at a time is building blocks like Mega Bloks.

Halo Mega Bloks
Halo in progress

My son is still in the process of putting together the last set that we were sent, UNSC Night Ops Gausshog. It has a few more pieces that are new to him as well and being from an unfamiliar game, add to that he has been so busy with the Skylanders and Hot Wheels set that he hasn’t felt the need to tackle something new. I suspect that my 11-year-old daughter will jump in and finish it just so she can play with a set that is all hers.

Barbie Mega Bloks Stage
Barbie Stage

The Barbie Super Star Stage is a fast favourite for all of my girls. They wasted no time in putting it together so that they could get on with the business of playing with it. Of course Barbie had to make her performance a cover of her favourite flick, Teen Beach movie. I expected that the stage would forever remain set up in a safe place, but the girls have taken it down, and set it up, almost every day since it arrived.

Some features of Mega Bloks that I love:

  • Mega Bloks are compatible with other building set brands.
  • If instructions get lost you can visit Mega Bloks and download a PDF version.  Love this!
  • This is a time-consuming activity, great for rainy days.  One car took a good hour of building time.  We did get faster as we figured them out.
  • Attention to small details is amazing.

All in all we are impressed with each of the new additions to the Mega Bloks family and I already have some requests for additions to the Barbie and Skylanders Mega Bloks sets for Christmas. With price points for every budget they are the perfect anytime or big event gift. Pick them at your favourite store or Online.


Disclosure – I was sent samples to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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