Merry Christmas!

What an exhausting but rewarding two days. The kids are blissful and I am content 🙂 Never did get to those cookies. I guess we will work on them tomorrow. It’s funny how time just gets away from you.

Last night we visited SIL and watched her children sing in the choir at the Mass. Such a beautiful thing. I think that Christmas mass is my favorite part of church. We have been lax in going because the younger ones are just distracting and want to explore but I think a resolution for the new year will be to attend the local church and get to know God again. I miss going. Now I am not catholic, DH is but as a christian anywhere I can go to be thankful and honor God is good for me. Even if it’s only talking to him in my head. He has always provided for me what I need when I need it and has given me the most wonderful gifts. He definitely has a grand plan.

Seeing the family was a great thing and we were lucky to have my BIL Martin in from Edmonton :). He will be coming to stay with us one day later this week too. I was also thrilled to realize I haven’t lost my touch with the wee babies. LOL. Miss Alexandra (3 months) was most unhappy but I was able to calm her down so Maman could talk. LOL. It was very very nice holding a wee one again. I was kinda happy to give the baby back though, which was a surprise. I guess the baby urge is passing. Good food good friends and good times Merci beaucoup Linda pour une bonne soiree.

As we say goodbye to 2009 and run towards 2010 I extend my best wishes for every one.

Much Love,


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