The Mess That Pets Make

5 tips for managing the mayhem.

I love my dogs, I really do, but between them and my kids I feel like I’m living in a constant state of grit and things that stink. I shudder to think what’s coming in on their boots and paws. Whatever it is, it ends up on my furniture, on the walls, and on my floors and the smell lingers. I need to wear slippers just to keep from feeling like I have to dust my feet off all the time. While I have lowered my standards (a little bit) when it comes to what constitutes clean to maintain my sanity there is a definite need, especially on those days when it’s a wet outside and during the spring thaw, to stay on top of things. These tips and a little help from Pine-Sol Spring Blossom help me keep the muck and the stench to a minimum.

The front door is the front line 

Having a sturdy, rubber backed, carpet is a must. It helps to trap some of the wet and grime as the dogs come in from outside. Reducing how much stuff actually gets tracked into the house is key in keeping things clean.

On the extra muddy days place a bucket of soapy water outside your door and give the dogs paws a little bath before they come in. Make sure to use a pet shampoo so as to protect your pets skin and fur. Regular detergent is far too hard on their skin.

Keep an extra-large microfiber towel by the door to wipe and dry your pet’s feet as they come in. With some breeds of dogs this is an extra important step as their fur holds onto water.

Something Small Everyday Keeps the Grime Away

Keep a dusting mop, or broom handy and give the main traffic areas a quick sweep each morning, or evening. When my babies were little we lived with my mother in law. Her routine every morning included a quick sweep of all the main traffic areas of her house. I didn’t realize at the time how brilliant this was, but let me tell you, it makes the big cleans that much easier and keeps the daily grime to a minimum.

I have taken my mother in laws habits to heart, and added in mopping on those really mucky days. Each morning I fill my mop and bucket with a little of the new Pine Sol Spring Blossom and set it by the back door. If one of the dogs, or kids get past the carpet, and towel with muddy feet I can just quickly dunk, spin, and mop up any mess they make. The bonus of doing this is that the scent of Spring Blossoms gently wafts through my house all day.

Pine-Sol is an effective, multi-surface cleaner that works to provide a powerful clean throughout the home. It works especially great on floors and all the messes that pets make. My house looks and smells better and I have more time to enjoy the change of seasons.


Pine-Sol Spring Blossom is available at most major retailers for a MSRP of $4.49 for a 1.41L bottle.

If you are a pet parent I’d love to hear how you keep things clean.

This post has been sponsored by PineSol. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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