#MilkSense Breastfeeding Monitor – Making Breastfeeding Measurable

When I was nursing my wee ones, especially my first, I was obsessed with keeping track of everything. I tracked how long she nursed, how often she had a bowel movement, and how often her nursing sessions were happening. Our nursing relationship in the early days was difficult and keeping track of all those little details helped me feel like I was in control of things. The only thing I never was sure of is how much milk, or what kind of breast milk she was getting from me.

With my second keeping track of things became even more crucial as she suffered from colic, prolific spitting up, and she would go way too long between feedings because she refused the bottle while I was at work. Add to that her petite size and my stress levels were out of control. Had I been able to know that she was at least getting enough with each nursing session maybe I wouldn’t have stressed quite so much.

Having nursed 5 babies, and not really feeling comfortable with it until baby #4, I know that having a MilkSense on hand would have given me more confidence in breastfeeding and perhaps would have kept me nursing past that 6 month mark. Did you know:

  • Approximately 77% of US mothers breastfeed their baby.
  • By six months, the number drops to approximately 49%.
  • By 12 months the number is approximately 27%.

Unfortunately, work, life, and breastfeeding difficulties can cause mothers to stop earlier than they intended. MilkSense offers a solution. In just three readings per breast, the MilkSense device calibrates to your breastfeeding body, allowing you to have a better sense of when you should pump, and how much milk you have to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding monitor

MilkSense is the world’s first breastfeeding monitor that allows you to determine the amount of milk your baby receives from your breast. It can increase your confidence related to breast milk quantity by helping you know when your breasts are full which in turn helps you be more efficient with your time.

MilkSense also eliminates the need for other breastfeeding logs, lists and apps because it:

  • Tracks the length of time since the last feed and which side; and the average amount of milk consumed.
  • Tracks breast fullness at different times of the day; baby’s weight gain over time, and more .
  • Provides important feeding and related growth charts for you and your baby’s physician.

MilkSense is simple and easy to use, the measurements take just 10 seconds and it comes with the Bscale portable baby scale, and personalized software. The Bscale allows you to easily weigh your baby at home, accurately tracking baby’s growth rate, saving you from trips to the clinic for weigh-ins.

The MilkSense monitor has no contact with baby, it’s safe for mom, and does not affect milk quality. As a new mom there are enough things to worry about, so it’s nice to have a little help with the sometimes challenging job of nursing. MilkSense offers concrete information in an easy to use, and safe system.

MilkSense will be this month at select Walmart’s across the USA. Visit their website for more information – http://www.milksense.com/.


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  1. This would be have been so beneficial to me when I was nursing my son. I was having such a hard go at it and kept second guessing myself.

    I’m sure it would have made a huge difference.

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