Modarri S1 Street Car Kit Review

Modarri Car

This summer has been all about keeping the kids busy without using technology as a crutch. I feel very strongly that our kids are spending far too much time staring at screens and not enough time getting out and active and using their brains to problem solve. Hands on activities help kids with problem solving, fine motor skills, and it gives kids a feeling of accomplishment when they see a project through from start to finish

We were sent a Modarri S1 Street Car Kit for review and it turned out to be the perfect way to spend an afternoon. While putting the car together only took a few minutes there were oodles of time spent after playing with the car.

Modarri Car Kit

The kit includes everything you need to put the car together in one of 5 different configurations or mix and match parts from other sets to create an almost endless combination of custom cars.

Assembly is straightforward, even without the inclusion of instructions. I did guide my son a little bit on the main body assembly, but had I left him to his own devices he would have figured it out on his own. One feature I love it that all the socket head screws are embedded to prevent loss. The kit includes a hex tool with swivel cap for quick builds.

Each car features real steering and suspension. You will find real springs and real linkages in the independent front and rear suspensions. The tight turning radius and finger sized bucket seats gives an unbelievable feel of control. All cars have super sticky tires but different suspension travel from low and swift to tall and springy. You can design your vehicle to allow unique grips and create new never before invented tricks.


As you can see from my son’s short video the car is perfectly balanced for finger driving.

Modarri vehicles are super responsive so that you can almost “feel the road”. Now with just one finger, vehicles are capable of tight figure 8’s, spinning in circles or driving over obstacles. With 2 finger driving, vehicles can do wheelies, drifts, jumps and super cool 180 spinouts.

I have a feeling we’ll be shopping for more parts soon so that my son can race with his little sister. Modarri car kits, body, and wheel packs are available online at as well as other retailers for around $19.95. They are rated for ages 6yrs+.

Car Kit Kids

Disclosure – I was provided a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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