Forget Murphy's Law. I Bring You the Mommy-hood Laws of Probability.

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There are many things that happen in the day-to-day life of a parent that can be explained by the Mommy-hood Laws of Probability. Such As:

A glass of milk chances of being spilled by the 2-year-old are directly proportional to how full the glass is. Chances increase exponentially if Mama has her hands busy with something she can’t put down to clean up.

You will realize you are out of milk only when the store is closing in 10 minutes, the roads are icy and you feel like you are getting a stomach flu.

The night you need the most/best sleep is the one night no one will sleep.

A toys chances of breaking are directly proportional to how expensive and hard to find or how loved said toy is.

Colds, flu and lice are all more likely to happen when you are about to travel, have a party or need to accomplish something of great importance.

How badly you need a tissue depends directly on how easy they are to access.

Unexpected projectile vomiting is more likely to happen at the end of your shopping trip, but before you have made it to the checkout.

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3 opinions on “Forget Murphy's Law. I Bring You the Mommy-hood Laws of Probability.”

  1. Hello from the Yukon! Found your blog through momcentral this morning and I have been browsing through it. A nice way to procrastinate from my own housework this morning- thanks!!

  2. Ah yes… kids with energy can never coordinate with the weather. The harder it is to get outside due to cold is the exact time they have energy that must be run off!!

  3. I have to say that a toy will always be laying on the floor in such a way that when you step on it, it will hurt like you’ve stepped on a nail.

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