Mothers Day Brunch

It used to be a tradition that on Mother’s Day my mom and I dressed up, gathered with my aunts and Oma and went out for a special Mothers Day brunch.  Locations were always different from year to year. One year we ate at a swank hotel, the next a small family restaurant in their back room.  As my aunts had children of their own, or moved away the brunches became smaller affairs held at one of my aunts homes.  I still remember stuffing my face with eggs, and bacon and fresh fruits, it was one of my favourite days of the year.

Since I have moved far away the day is much more low-key and just us.  We don’t dress up, we don’t go out to eat and I do all the cooking, but I still try to make it a special day.  I don’t feel as if the day should be all about me, but rather about spending the day doing fun things with the little people who made me a mom!  They have blessed and enriched my life in so many ways.

This year we will cut up fruit (strawberries and melon are two of my faves), whip up some pancakes and maybe even some whipped cream and bacon, lots of bacon!!  It just isn’t brunch without bacon.  We go through a whole package in one sitting and truth be told could probably eat more if I cooked it.  I don’t like cooking bacon, but my best friend showed me an easy way to cook bacon that is easy, mess free (for the most part) and the bacon cooks up fast.

– Take a cookie sheet and line it with parchment paper or aluminum foil.
– Lay bacon strips out trying not to overlap too much.  A little is OK, because as they cook they shrink.
– cook under the broiler on high watching closely.  Cook until desired crispness is achieved.  Usually 5-7 minutes then flip over and do the same.

Make sure you have your fan on and you don’t leave the bacon, because once it gets cooking it browns up fast.

After brunch we will be heading out for a drive in the country to snap photographs and picking up a specialty coffee for me to enjoy along the way.  Hubby says he has something else planned.  As long as I am with my kids then my day will be complete.

For more Mothers Day Brunch ideas visit my friends at Life Made Delicious.  I’ll be watching my local stores for fresh strawberries and Rhubarb so I can make this again.

*Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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