My 5 Kids May Be Noisy, but At Least My Vacuums Not

noisy kids

Noise is something I live with on the daily. Once upon a time I enjoyed spending my days off with a nice cup of tea and a good book. Those days are hard to come now. Instead my days are filled with shouts of “Mom he touched my stuff” and “Mom can you come help me with this science project” and of course the joyful giggles from the rare moments in each day when they are all happily playing with one another. I no longer think about the noise levels in my house, having gotten used to it, but I’m reminded of how noisy even my quiet kids can be when we have guests and their looks of shock. Oh is my family out West in for a treat!

That said I certainly don’t look for ways to add to the noise. When we bought our new dishwasher that it ran almost silently was its main selling point. It’s reasonable to assume that I would use that same measure when it comes to something else that gets used every day, my vacuum. Rowenta¹s new Silence Force Extreme vacuum collection is significantly quieter than other vacuums. No longer do I drown out conversations while vacuuming. I can listen to my favourite tunes without headphones, help the kids with their homework or ask my husband how his day went. 

Me with Rowenta Silent Force

The Strong Silent Type

Silence Force™ Extreme vacuums have been built to achieve best-in-class silence levels and performance. At up to 16 dB(A) quieter than the average vacuum – this represents a significant leap forward in noise reduction.

For nearly four decades, Rowenta’s floor care products have set the benchmark in ergonomics, design and craftsmanship. Our Silence Force™ Extreme and Silence Force™ Extreme Compact vacuums equal or surpass the top competitive brands in dust pick-up on carpet while providing enhanced noise reduction levels. In addition, our vacuums undergo rigorous testing to ensure each product meets Rowenta’s stringent requirements for quality and durability.

One of the world’s Most Silent Vacuum Cleaners

Rowenta has created a new category of silence with the Silence Force™ Extreme range – three leading-edge vacuums that are 4 times quieter than the average vacuum. Leveraging 15 years of acoustic research, our noise reduction technology features 4 cyclone noise level rectifiers, an optimized accessory chain (suction heads, acoustic handle and hose) and a suspended motor (surrounded by insulation) that minimize vibration and noise.

Aside from running quietly the Rowenta¹s new Silence Force Extreme vacuum really sucks, in a good way. It powers through the dust, crumbs and general mess that gets left behind by my kids. With a selection of heads to choose from it goes from laminate flooring to carpet and with a quick presto chango is able to tackle the all the nooks and crannies from floor to ceiling. The telescopic handle makes it easy to adjust for any use or any body. I see a lot more of me reading while the kids vacuum in my future. The only downside of the particular model I was sent to review is it uses bags. I prefer bag-less models. 

*Update – I recently moved to a home with Carpet and while I still think the Rowenta is fab on hard floors it leaves something to be desired when it comes to carpet. It’s hard to push and doesn’t suck up nearly as much as it should for a vacuum in this price point. I’ll be looking for a new vacuum that can tackle both my hardwood and carpets with ease.

And if I just happen to be alone not only will I get a crumb free floor, but I can indulge my fantasies of being a super model. Who said Vacuuming has to be a chore? 

Disclosure – I was provided with a unit to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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