My First BlogHer Party – #ChevroletOCP

This was my very first BlogHer party and what a great way to kick things off!  Thank you so much @MC_Canada and @ChevroletCanada for a fantastic time and @CocktailDeeva for a drink that was far too yummy.  If you see yourself in the photos head over to Flickr and tag yourself!  All these photos were taken by me, but to see more taken by the lovely Ann Epp visit the Mom Central Canada Facebook page.

A moment I will remember forever. This lovely lady is amazing. You can find her on twitter under @calandro5 and @MomCentralChat



*Disclosure – Portions of my Blogher experience were made possible thanks to my wonderful sponsors Delta AirlinesAdult Essentials and Iron Kids! Please visit their Facebook pages for all the latest.

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