My lump, my lump, my lovely neck lump

I thought I should dedicate a post to the newest piece of anatomy. I call him my Lumpy Lump. (I know creative right).

It was a dark and dreary Halloween night and the ghouls were out in force. (see good story telling going on. I can tell you are already on the edge of your seat) I lay shivering in my bed wishing that the grim reaper would come, if only to save me from the misery I was currently suffering. The only thing that kept me from sinking into the abyss was the frequent pitter patter of feet and slobbery kisses that the kids kept peppering me with. Mama wasn’t normally that sick. See as Mama I have super powers that allow me to slog through even the worst of days with my sanity intact even when on the verge of death. This flu knocked me for a loop though. I lay in bed for 3 days sleeping. On the 4Th day I decided enough was enough. My house was falling apart, the kids were running amok and I was getting board. I knew though that what I had would require a bit of help to get better. I dragged my butt on evening when DH got home from work to the clinic and saw a doctor. The flu she said, drink, sleep rest. She must have missed me saying I had 5 kids. Rest really? HA!

I came home, suffered for, oh another week, with killer sinus pain. Dragged my butt back to the Doc and since it’s a clinic saw someone different. This time the Doctor was more sympathetic. (He was a Dad and remembered me from youngests broken leg) His diagnosis, H1N1 with a secondary sinus infection thrown in. (No wonder I felt like I was dying.) A round of antibiotics and I should be good to go. Well I couldn’t be that lucky. My infection didn’t respond to round one and 4 days later, when I was still looking for the truck that hit me, I went back in. Round 2, (ding, ding, ding) seemed to be doing the trick. On day 5 on the antibiotics I noticed a lump, in my neck just above my left collar bone. I of course not being the sort to panic called the local health nurse. Who by the way was super nice and helpful. She assured me that I should give it time, but because of it’s location and the fact that it didn’t hurt if it wasn’t gone in a week I should go in and get it looked at.

Now this is where the joke of an underfunded and understaffed medical system kicks in. I went in,to the clinic since I can’t find a family doctor. The doctor was nice and ran, blood tests, did an x ray and assured me he would call me back. I spent my kids whole Christmas vacation waiting for a call that never came, stressing about what if it was cancer. The new year came and went, but I didn’t want to bug the doctor so I didn’t call. Plus over the holidays the hours were sparse. Finally DH had to take Am in because she had a fight with our hutch and lost so I asked him to bug the secretary for the results. An hour later he came home with the news that all the tests were normal. OK. Great right? Well a bit better, but I still had this lump.

Two weeks passed and gee who would have ever guessed it but my kids brought home a cold. My already beaten and battered body couldn’t fight it and I started getting sick again. This time, only a cold, but the muscle behind the lump decided to seize up and I couldn’t move my neck to the left. Not a bad place to be if you only need to look right but really who does that? LOL. Back in I went. Doctor looked at me as if I had 3 head and was a hypochondriac and said oh that’s normal give it a few months. MONTHS!!!! I thought there is no way I can live like this so a week or so later I went into a different clinic. Once I could move my head again to drive safely. This time I had a new Doctor who was a bit more excited and she declared it wasn’t normal and gave me an order for an ultrasound of the lump. I of course, had to get the requisition sent over to the radiologist department at the local hospital on my own. I gave it to Luc (who is unfortunately my appointment boy now) and asked him to take care of it.

Now Lucs sense of urgency and mine are 2 different things, plus he had to do it from work. First day it was forgotten, second day he tried but the fax was busy, day 3 same story. Day 4 he brings it home, just before the kids 4 day weekend. *le sigh* So I trucked all of us, me and the 5 kids, to the hospital to stand in line to get an appointment. Now I assumed ( ass out of U and me ) that an unexplained lump in an unusual place would be a bit of a pressing matter. No such luck. I got an appointment, but for April 24th. more then 6 weeks away. Now had some one been able to assure me it wasn’t cancer I probably could have waited but I know our system. I knew ultrasound in April, won’t show anything, got back to clinic see 3 more doctors before maybe finally seeing a specialist. Uh UH, no way.

I came home, talked it over with Luc and decided to hit the clinic again and impress on the Doctor my sense of urgency. Fate took it out of my hands when my oldest developed a cough that sounded wrong. Off to the ER we went and I figured since I was there I would get them to see me too. I explained to Doogie Hauser what had been going on and that in the past 2-3 weeks I had my already frequent nose bleeds had worsened. He agreed that it wasn’t normal and he is sent in the referral the next day. Now I am waiting to see an Oncologist for a biopsy. I was told I should get an appointment within a week so that would be Thursday. In the past 3+ months the lump hasn’t changed but it feels like the other nodes are getting involved in the fun.

So that’s the story of my new friend Lumpy Lump. I am going to draw a happy face in him soon I think.

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7 opinions on “My lump, my lump, my lovely neck lump”

  1. I am cracking up…right now. Your 6+1 writing traits have improved with your new friend. If you post something frightening later, I'll retract the entertainment-good feeling. Best of luck to you as you learn more. I drop my brochures at dr. offices, so I kept reading – thinking, 'Man, I wish I could have taken her!' 🙂

    Perhaps one of your kids willl grow up to be an MD.

  2. Oh the Canadian medical system at work. I so feel your pain, well not your exact pain, but my very own oh my gosh what is wrong with me now pain!
    Sending you good vibes.
    I'm your newest follower! Found you through Canadain Ning!

  3. oh geez.. you wrote this post over 3 years ago and you’ve finally heard back.. hey.. you’re alive and kicking and your old post got a dusting off.. always looking on the brighter side! .. 

    p.s- totally ridiculous system fail

  4. YashYanthi LOL it is a ridiculous fail on their part. Mind you I’m not surprised. It is after all the hospital that sent me home with double pneumonia a month later and then 4 days later readmitted me for a week because I had dangerously low oxygen levels. My BIL jokes that they hospitals here are only good to go to to die.

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