How a Rare Disease Has Touched My Life – Rare Disease Day 2011


“People wonder at my continued survival but it is no mystery. I have felt the stillness at death’s door and decided I have not had enough of birdsong when the sun rises through the forest or the laughter of my children ringing in my ears. The danger comes in wanting too much and becoming lost in one’s desires, diminished by depression; wishing to be what one once was.

A tree does not turn to dust when it is chopped down and turned into a fine piece of furniture, it becomes a fine piece of wood furniture. It becomes. There is a future in becoming..”

Above is a quote from my father. He has his own blog at  Woodwhisperer’s Weblog. Pictures can be found at Woodwhisperer Pics. You can see past posts about my Dad here.

For more information about Rare Disease Day check out

For more information about amyloidosis please visit the Mayo Clinic website.

To support Canadians with amyloidosis please visit the CASN.

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