Not so Wordless Wednesday

Well I cave. I suck at wordless Wednesday. It’s just that by the time I get through the Sunday giveaway, Monday new, Tuesday reviews I just want to chat!

Today I talk about my Dad. Last year at about this time a bunch of very special mama’s got together and had a raffle for me. They wanted to help me get to see my Dad one last time before he died. At that time things weren’t looking good and I hadn’t seen him in years nor had he met his youngest granddaughter. He still hasn’t met my middle DD. The raffle was a resounding success and I was able to purchase plane tickets for me and my youngest. That week spent with my Dad was one of the best of my life. Sitting beside him in his room listening to him talk about our memories together, his memories of mom, will be with me forever. I also was able to spend time with my fabulous Step-mom and 2 sisters.

My Dad has amazed his doctors and has been hanging in there and fairly doing well. The family now jokes that he will out live us all. I think he is still with us because he has such a positive attitude. He has told me that he is happy to be able to just enjoy the sunrise and the hummingbirds outside his window. My Dad is fighting a rare disease, Amyloidosis, so all his treatments are experimental and the outcomes unknown. His latest visit to the specialist yielded many pokes and prods and hopefully a solution to the lack of sensation he has in his legs and the nerve pain he has everywhere else from the treatments. It also unfortunately gave him a nasty cold and he has been fighting that for a couple of weeks now. I am hoping he can fight the cold off and avoid a hospital stay.

My Dad is an extraordinary man who has lived an extraordinary life. As a young man he was an avid mountain climber, cliff diving fiend. He loved hunting with his Pa and worked at a coal mine. He is an artist of unspeakable beauty. He does wonderful pencil sketches (a life-size one of me at 7 hangs in my grans home) abstract paintings and is a phenomenal wood-carver. Not only that but he is a generous soul. The bench pictured in the link he donated to the memorial for the Beaver aircraft crash near Quadra. I was lucky to get a self-portrait he did of himself, but have yet to find the funds to get it properly mounted. Of course the self-portrait is as goofy as he is. 😀 I do have his sketch of mathematical principles that they mounted and framed for a Christmas gift many years ago. It is one of my most treasured things.

You can follow my Dad’s blog  at It’s been a while since he has posted since he had computer issues and has been less than well. It’s a thought-provoking read for sure.

I love my Dad! I pray he continues to battle Amyloidosis and stays around so I can finally get all of us down to see him. I hope you stop in to his blog and leave a comment or drop him a note. Have a great day!!!
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2 opinions on “Not so Wordless Wednesday”

  1. You sound like a "daddy's girl" just like me! What wonderful pictures and an amazing story!

    I'm going to go call my dad, now – thanks for sharing! I'm going to check out your dad's site, too!

  2. Awww! So sweet. So glad you got to see him with your youngest. Your dad sounds like a really strong person.

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