Nugglemama's Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple!

If you haven’t caught up with me on Facebook or twitter lately you might have missed my big news!

Nothing beats friends who believe in you helping to find a sponsor last-minute.  Thank you Trina!  I most likely will be offline during the 5 days I am there unless there is a wi-fi connection but I plan to take lots of notes and tell you all about my time in NYC when I come back!  This is such a huge trip for me as I have dreamed of getting down to New York since I was 12!  I still have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming.

I want to thank my sponsors Delta Airlines, Adult Essentials and Iron Kids for believing in me and helping me to get there.  I’ll be guest posting on the Delta Blog so head over and sign up for their RSS feed so you don’t miss my posting!  You can also follow Delta on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of flight specials, contests and great deals on vacation packages.

As for Iron Kids and Adult Essentials continue watching the blog for something a bit different when I come back!  It’s a work in progress.  I highly recommend following them as well on Facebook and Twitter.  They are a great company with the best gummy vitamins for kids and adults alike.  Seriously yummy! Iron Kids Facebook and Twitter and Adult essentials Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great week everyone!!  I’m off to party like it’s 1999 and learn lots!

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6 opinions on “Nugglemama's Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple!”

  1. If Blogher does’t have a blanket hotspot set up for trouble-free connectivity, someone on the planning committee should have their head examined. It is, after all, a blogger convention and you guys are not paving driveways – or not many of you anyways :~D. I hope you will be able to post at will from the Big Apple.

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