#NugGoesWest is On!

It’s official in a 112 days the whole famdamily, as my Dad says, will be packing everything we own into a moving truck and our minivan and making the big move out West. Where to is still up in the air as we don’t know where Hubby will get a job, but it will likely be either Edmonton or Calgary. Know anyone looking for bilingual computer programmer with a degree in geological engineering? 

Right now my days are filled with blogging, packing, tweeting, sorting, Facebooking and then some more packing, as well as planning each step of the road trip and the move. While I am in the packing and planning stages I hope to share with you the ways I am preparing for a cross county move and once we hit the road I plan on sharing our adventures as we travel through Niagara, Chicago and back up into Canada. 

It should be an Epic crazy road trip with 5 kids and a dog, but I honestly can’t wait. Follow along on the fun as I tweet under the #NugGoesWest hashtag on Twitter.

If you are a brand interested in partnering with us as we travel west drop me an email at juliag@nugglemama.ca


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  1. dewinner  Thanks. He’s signed up for notifications at a whole bunch of sites, but isn’t getting many. I’m hoping he finds something soon. I’d like to start looking for a house.

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