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As a mom to 4 beautiful girls I can’t help but think how blessed we are to live where we do. Living in Canada my girls are afforded so many more opportunities then their counterparts in developing countries. They easily have access to education, comfortable and safe shelter, nutritious foods, and have the freedom to choose who and when they marry. Things we take for granted here. I welcome every opportunity to start a discussion with my kids about the reality of life for children in other parts of the world and discuss with them ways we can help make a difference.


My oldest daughter has been so inspired by stories of the work of charitable organizations, like Plan Canada, that she has started saving up so she can go on a mission trip someday. In the meantime she volunteers and works on fundraisers through her school. She also always drops extra coins, begging me for some if she doesn’t have any, in the charity jars where we shop. When it comes to shopping for clothes, she can sometimes be picky, but the chore of finding the perfect outfit suddenly becomes that much easier when there is a charitable aspect to it.


We love that Sears has collaborated with Plan Canada on limited edition t-shirts and totes made in Bangladesh for this seasons hottest spring looks. Normally with each purchase of their Sears’ Girl Confidential brand pieces, one percent (1%) of the sale goes toward the Because I am a Girl charity! This year they have done something extra special with their LOOK collaboration. One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds of the sales of the limited edition t-shirts and totes made in Bangladesh will be given to Because I’m a Girl to be invested back into Bangladesh to provide education and community programs for girls.These donations support projects which improve the lives of girls in developing countries and give them equal access to health care, education, protection, independence and an opportunity to participate in society.

With 4 girls who have grown seemingly overnight I have some shopping to do this spring. I know I will be picking up a a few of the Sears’ Girl Confidential clothing, shoes and even totes for our road trip!

For a limited time the shirts are only $14.97 and the totes are $9.97. These are a few of our favourite pieces.


Sears Charity

I love companies that give back to their communities and beyond. Not only does Sears have an ongoing partnership with Because I am a Girl they also do lots of charitable work year round through the Sears Canada Charitable Foundation for kids with cancer. No wonder I love shopping Sears so much. I save money, get quality kids clothing that stands up to my kids, and if by chance something falls apart I can use the KIDVANTAGE Guarantee. It’s a win/win situation!

What are you buying for spring?


“Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Mom Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”



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  1. I’ve always loved Sears for my son and they have the guarantee that if the item is Damaged and the child is still in that size, they will replace the item!!

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