Orange Naturals Keep Me Balanced In More Ways Than One

Newborn and Mom

It’s no secret that since having kids I’ve felt unbalanced. I’ve had thyroid issues, weight issues, emotional issues and generally feel fatigued. All of these issues are compounded by late night snacking. During the day I have no problem eating healthy, in fact it’s what I crave. I love whipping up healthy, veggie filled omelets, drinking hot lemon water and cinnamon tea instead of a 3rd cup of coffee and I don’t snack. Once the kids go to bed that all changes. I start craving chocolate and will search the cupboards until I find something that soothes the urge to eat sweets, and then salty.


I’m not sure if it’s stress or a post dinner crash that has me looking for that little boost at the end of the day, but I do know that it has to stop. There will be no more late night snacking, save for the occasional popcorn on movie night, I’ll be using Rhodiola to combat stress and I’m picking up some Orange Naturals Cinnamon tincture to help balance my blood sugar during the day when I don’t have time to make tea.

If  you don’t like cinnamon, Orange Naturals has many supplements that can help to balance blood sugar. Each of them will help you avoid those mid afternoon slumps and offer many other benefits as well. It’s also important to cut sugar when we can, it’s surprising how may things, from sauces to milk have it as an additive. Where possible it’s always best to eat whole foods and when it isn’t reading labels and making up your own versions of favourites is worth it in the long run.

Some of my fellow Orange Natural Ambassadors have offered up these reduced sugar alternatives:

World Diabetes Month may be almost over, but watching our sugar intake is something we all should think of more often. My family doesn’t have a history of diabetes, but with it on the rise in the general population it’s something that could happen to any of us, family history or not.

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Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Julia I so get this post. I really need something at night to satisfy my cravings. I think it is because after a long demanding day we finally can settle down in peace and I personally feel I deserve something rewarding. Thanks for linking my Banana whip recipes it is actually healthy and is getting me though the night!

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