Organizing Your Home – Tackling The Medicine Cabinet

Get into the groove of organizing by starting small

organizing medicine cabinet

The new year makes us want to start things off on the right foot, whether it’s getting more active, eating better, or clearing out the clutter and organizing. While I don’t love eating clean, or even exercising, I do love spending an afternoon to clear out the clutter. As soon as the Christmas decorations get put away I get to work on sorting, stacking and trashing everything that needs it. One of the easiest places to start this task is the medicine cabinets.

In five simple steps you can transform your medicine from chaos to a space where everything is where you need it when you need it.
Step one – Gather everything in one place.  If you have kids do this while they are out-of-the-way so that you don’t have to worry they’ll get into things if you need to step away from the task for a minute. The kitchen counter or table is a great place to sort your medications. If you have to bring things into another room have a bag or box handy so you don’t have to make multiple trips.

Step two – Check all the expiration dates on prescription, over the counter drugs, vitamins and homeopathics. Pull the expired products and set them aside in a bag or box. Making sure that they are in a safe place out of reach of little hands. Bring them into the pharmacist for proper disposal when you go shopping for replacement items.

Step three – Organize your medicine according to what you use most and by usage. Vitamins on once side, homeopathics all grouped together, pain and fever management close to the front, and cold and flu items in the back. Having a smaller basket or bin to hold the often used items, or the smaller creams and dropper bottles, makes it easy to pull it out when you are stumbling around in the middle of the night after being woken by a little one. If you are using a larger cupboard a plastic shelf helps you maximize your space. The less used items move to the back.

Step four – Go shopping and replace the items that have expired or that you are low on. It can be costly purchasing new medications and vitamins. Using coupon apps like Flipp, Zweet, and Checkout51 and websites like and will help save you a little money at checkout.

Step five – Un-package the new medicine(s) and place them in the appropriate bins/space then step back and admire the beauty that is an organized space.

Organizing the Medicine cabinet

Final tip – Replacing all the medicines at once was made easier on the pocket-book by choosing store brand products which save me an average of $2.50 per bottle. If you read the labels you will find that they contain the same active ingredients as the brand name medicines and having used them many times I can say they work just as well. When you are looking at replacing even just a few items the cost adds up quick so save money where you can.

Taking the 30 minutes to organize and sort through your medications will save you time, and money in the long run. You’ll be able to find what you need and can skip that trip to the store to buy items that you already have.

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