Pets Get Stressed Too

When planning summer trips long or short it’s good to consider how the change of routine will effect your pets. While some animals take a change of scenery; be it a kennel, road trip or house sitter, well.  Other animals will have reactions that show up via behavioral changes some of which can include peeing/defecating in unusual places, snapping, or shaking.

Animal behaviour problems, often related to stress and anxiety, can jeopardize the bond between a pet and its owner resulting in canine or feline relinquishment and, in extreme cases, euthanization. In Canada, 50 to 70% of animal euthanasia is directly linked to unresolved behavioural problems.

Recently I had the chance to talk to Dr Renée Charbonneau a Veterinarian and provider of technical services at Vétoquinol Canada. I asked her a variety of questions including what she recommends to prepare my dog, a very attached 9-year-old Bichon Maltese, for our cross Canada move. I also asked some questions from my fans on Facebook.

dog and girl

My dog pees when I leave the house and when I kennel him for more than a couple of hours he defecates. It feels as if he is showing me he is mad when I am gone. 

Peeing around the house isn’t your dog showing his displeasure. It’s a typical behavior of some breeds of dogs. This is usually anxiety and a sign that your animal is fearful when you go away. He’s literally “peeing in your pants scared”.  There is no miracle cure unfortunately. Usually we have to teach the animal a new ways to feel good about their environment. By using medication that works on brain chemistry to change their behaviors, like “ZYLKÈNE”, you can help the dog cope by reducing stress levels and leaving him open to learning new behaviors. I suggest consulting your veterinarian and consider bringing in a behavior specialist. It’s an investment of time and patience, but usually results in good result.

In many cases, a behaviour modification program in addition to the administration of a product with calming benefits such as a ZYLKÈNE, the FIRST milk-derived nutritional supplement, that can rapidly decrease stress symptoms and unwanted animal behaviour.

dog, cat, and couch

My cat is pooping in her tub. He is an outdoor cat and has a clean litter box. What could be causing this?

It could be stress response but before saying for certain we need to make sure there are no physical issues. The cat could be suffering with pain from constipation or hairballs. Cat’s are finicky about their litter box so pain while going in litter box could have left him nervous about it.  Once we’ve eliminated a health issue then we can look at behavior modification.

My dog seems to have developed a fear of children.

If your do is shaking and growling when children are in the room it could be a sign that your dog is becoming over protective. It’s very important to do something about this right away. If the dog has progressed to snapping then it could quickly escalate to biting. I recommend talking with your vet about his complete history of behavior and identify where  it comes from. Consider also visiting a behavior specialist who will help you work on the best techniques to help your dog accept children. Adding in a product like ZYLKÈNE will help the training stick.

My dog doesn’t like the car. The first 10 minutes or so of any trip he shakes like a leaf before finally settling in. How can I help him not be scared of the car in preparation for our cross-country move.

A good place to start would be by desensitizing the dog with the help of ZYLKÈNE. Start with ZYLKÈNE and then after a few days of being on it progressively work on getting the dog to associate going in the car with something good. Start with just getting in the car, ignore the shaking, but praise him when he calms down and settles. Next time start the car but don’t move and repeat praising him for good behavior. After that move to getting in the car, starting it, then pulling out and back in. If at any point he acts up ignore the behavior and get out of the car. Always praise the dog when he stays calm in the car.

ZylkeneThese are the basics behind changing any behavior. Using a product like ZYLKÈNE helps make changing the behaviours easier for your pet.

The FIRST milk-derived nutritional supplement, ZYLKÈNE is an all-natural solution that helps stressed pets better adapt to environmental changes. Developed specifically for dogs and cats, ZYLKÈNE contains alpha-S1 tryptic casein, the active and natural milk ingredient responsible for newborns’ deep relaxation state after a feeding.

As ZYLKÈNE helps restore balance and decrease animal stress, it increases a pet’s receptivity to behaviour modification training, which enables pets to adopt positive behavioural habits. Unlike other comparable anti-stress products, ZYLKÈNE is an all-natural, non-sedating and non-addictive supplement that contains a palatable, water-soluble powder that appeals to both dogs and cats, It can be given whole, or their contents can be added to the pet’s regular, prescription diet or preferred treat.

Visit to help identify your pet’s stress symptoms and to obtain more information regarding potential solutions. Any sudden change in your pet’s behaviour should be reported to your veterinarian in order for them to develop an appropriate plan of action.

ZYLKÈNE is exclusively available in veterinary clinics starting at $24.


Disclosure – I was provided a sample. All opinions expressed are my own. 



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  1. I always thought that when animals did that it was because they were showing a disliking to something or being mad. I never thought about stress! This definitely seems like it’d be worth the try for anyone who has issues with their pets. Great post Julia 🙂

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