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Nothing gives me greater pleasure then seeing one of my photos in print, except maybe gifting them. This year I made up a special photo on acrylic for my husband that featured one of his sunflowers. He spent hours over the last couple of years cultivating and collecting the seeds and I thought that there is no better way for him to enjoy the blooms all year-long then by bringing one into our home in print. I was lucky this summer to snag a beautiful macro shot that even included a bee at rest.

There is a very good reason the photo on acrylic from made the gift guide, the quality is absolutely amazing. The colors are vibrant, deep and almost have a 3 dimensional feel to them.

Photo on Acrylic

From PosterJack

At Posterjack, your photo is mirrored and printed directly onto the back of a 99.99% optically pure, cast acrylic sheet. Then it is protected on the back with a flood coat of white ink to seal the image in. Due to this printing technique, the UV resistant inks, and the natural UV inhibitors in the Acrylic, these prints will not fade for 120 years.

Other outstanding features of this print is the finishing and mount. As it’s a flat sheet of acrylic they have utilized a standoff installation kit (included with every print) which makes the picture appear to float.  To really finish off the look the image is printed right to the edge and the edges are polished resulting in a very modern looking style.

photo gear-2

This photo of the Sunflower and the Bee not only is a beautiful discussion piece in our house it is also something that will last our lifetime and can even be passed down to our children. My Hubby was so thrilled to see this print when it came in. I score bonus points with this one!

photo gear-3

One thing I do recommend you consider when ordering a photo on acrylic you leave lots of time for it to arrive, as this is a specialized type of print that requires longer processing times. I promise you the wait is worth it.  The only tough decision I am faced with now is which print to get done next.

I was provided with a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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