Pink – The Truth About Love Tour in Montreal

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to take a mini road trip to see Pink in Concert. I have always enjoyed her music, and since I had only been to 2 concerts in the past I jumped at the chance. The logistics of getting there were a bit more challenging since the concert was over 3 hours away in Montreal, but I found a rental car with time to spare.

After picking up my rental I popped in my tunes and headed to Montreal through the pouring rain arriving at my friend’s house, @AskMamaMoe‘s, in plenty of time to head down for dinner before the show. It was a real girls night out!

Julia and Julia

Once we were done eating we headed down to the Bell Center and touched up our make up. Julia, the other Julia, tried out the Clump Crusher mascara that I brought for her. She looked fabulous! As you can see from the poster behind us CoverGirl was at the concert as well. As a sponsor of Pink’s Truth about Love tour they were in the forefront before the concert taking pictures and videos of concert goers as well as handing out samples of Clump Crusher mascara.

Covergirl Clump Crusher
Photo via Ask Mama Moe. Not her lashes.

Pink is also the new face of the CoverGirl Clump Crusher line and I was sent a sample of the mascara to try out before the concert. It is now my new favourite mascara. I have sensitive eyes that typically water and itch when wearing makeup, but with the clump crusher I didn’t experience any of that. It wears well, adds fullness and volume and doesn’t clump! Best of all it doesn’t flake even if you end up sleeping in it (yes I know you shouldn’t, but it happens). The price point is also attractive since I replace my mascara every 3 months regardless of how often I’ve used it. Stock up now as it’s on sale at for half the normal price.

Now back to my story…

Before we knew it the opening act,  The Hives, was starting up and I was blown away again with how close to the stage we were. Julia and I kept laughing because the lead singer kept taking beer from people in the audience. His demeanor on stage was very Jaggeresque.

The Hives

Once the Hives were done Pink made her entrance, and what an entrance it was! She literally flew on to the stage. P!nk blew me away with her entire performance. She has style, amazing acrobatic skills and that girl can sing! I thoroughly enjoyed her concert and it was great hearing a mix of some of her older hits as well as music from her new album, The Truth About Love. If you have a chance to see Pink in concert – do it! It is an amazing show that is a feast for the senses. I would go see this concert again in a heartbeat.

Thanks to Julia (aka Ask Mama Moe) for all these photos as my phone died just before the show started.

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Thank you Proctor and Gamble and CoverGirl for this amazing opportunity. It is something I won’t ever forget.

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  1. I had the BEST time with you 🙂 Reading your post and seeing the pictures together made me giggle – it was so fun! Pink was amazing and I am thrilled to have had that girls night out with you!!

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