Quiz Your Kids – My Response to Their Answers

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Earlier today I did this question/answer period with all of my kids thanks to a post on Facebook from Natasha of The Stay at Home Feminist. It was a fun way to spend our evening and very interesting to see what they think about me and my life and how it relates to them. Copy and re-post with your answers in the comments if you want to play.” Below are the questions and my kids answers with my comments in bold.

  • V is 7 years old
  • G is 14 years old
  • S is 10 years old
  • Ame is 13 years old
  • Ari is 11 years old

Without ANY prompting ask your kids these questions.

1. What is something I always say to you?

V – Don’t put snot on the wall.
G – Get your butt upstairs
S – Don’t put fingers in my mouth
Ame – Get off the electronics and go play outside.
Ar – Thank you for cleaning and Ari is awesome

Yep to all of these, although they aren’t reserved for just one child. I’m an equal opportunity nag. The snot comment made me laugh though. Thank goodness they usually grow out of the snot picking and flicking stage. 

2. What makes me happy?

V – Kisses and Hugs
G – A clean House, jewelry, flowers
S – Cleaning
Ame – A nice glass of wine after a hard day of work
Ari – A clean house, the kids being happy and helpful, getting massages by us.

Honey you need to read this, and cleaning doesn’t make me happy unless I’m not the only one doing it. 

3. What makes me sad?

V – Not listening to you.
S – When we make things dirty
Ame – Work
Ari – when we don’t do what we are told and I am tired from a long, bad day at work.

You can tell the kids think more in terms of recent events. Sadly none of these things are going away any time soon. 

4. How do I make you laugh?

V – By saying something funny
G – Me making fun of you  
S – Jokes
Ame – By tickling me
Ari – When I make funny jokes about when I was a kid, and when I had my boyfriends.

Boy does my oldest like poking fun at my flab. As for Ari, I’m not entirely sure which boyfriends she was talking about, but clearly I tell good tales. 

5. What was I like as a child?

V- I went on the swings outside
G – More or less obedient
S – No idea – played outside everyday?
Ame – Like me.
Ari – very open to trying new things, very strong in like your personality, skinny

I definitely wouldn’t have called myself an obedient child. Challenging, independent and the type to go away rather than fight yes, obedient no. 

6. How old am I?

most said 39
Ari – 40 in 3 months

Yep! This year will be my 40th. 

7. How tall am I?

V – Let me just see. About half of the wall. A bit higher.
G – 5’6″
S – 5 foot
Ame 5’8″
Ari – 5’5″

I like Miss V’s answer the best. We have 10 foot ceilings so she’s not far off. I am clearly bigger than life to Ame, and G nails it. 

8. What is my favorite thing to do?

V – Go and see Grandpa.
G – Sleep
S – Listen to music
Ame – shop
Ari – photography, going on vacation, hanging out at the beach.

Yes to all of these, and next summer I hope to do all of these on Quadra Island.

9. What do I do when you’re not around?

V – Nap
G- Drink Booze
S – Blog, nap
Ame – work
Ari – relax and work too, on blogging.

My 14 year old clearly thinks I have a drinking problem.  The work, nap, blog is accurate for the daytime, and yes, once the kids are in bed I do enjoy a glass of wine on occasion. 

10. What am I really good at?

V – Working
G – Smiling even when I am not feeling it.
S – blogging and glasses
Ame – Work and cooking
Ari – photography, and being an awesome mom, participating in our lives, and making meatloaf.

I’m not sure I should be happy that so many of them think I am good at working, but I do say that and job worth doing is worth doing well, even those you struggle with. It also tickles me that they think I am a good cook and photographer. 

11. What am I not very good at?

V – Playing piano with my toes.
G – Making me do what you tell me to do.
S – Making Papa’s spaghetti sauce.
Ame – going sledding with us
Ari – I never think of that, I just think of the positive.

I may never master playing piano with my toes, but you can’t say I didn’t try. *See above

12. What do I do for a job?

G, V – Blog and Work at an eye care place
S – glasses
Ame – optician and a blogger
Ari – photographer, blog, and work as optician

Awww one of them thinks I am a professional photographer. Someday I hope to be. 

13.What is my favourite food?

V -spring rolls
G- curry rice
S – potato
Ame – Eggs Benedict
Ari – zucchini


14. What do you enjoy doing with me?

V – My birthday
G – Just chatting, taking pictures
S – Just being with you.
Ame – Talking
Ari – photography and just hanging out with you.

I hope my kids always think that just hanging out and talking with me is something fun. Raising teens is a daily challenge, but as long as the lines of communication stay open I think we’ll be ok. From the sounds of my kids answers I mostly have this parenting thing down. 

I’d love to know some of the funny, and enlightening answers from your kids.

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