Results From Show Me The Money Poll

I asked you to Show Me the Money and you did. Below are the results of the survey

What is your Google PR? Honestly I think this is a useless # right now but PR people seem to stick with it.

11 responses

7 had Google PR of 0 (two of those had been 3 and 4 but were dropped to 0)
2 had Google PR of 3
2 didn’t know/understand what that was

I have a Google PR of 3 since purchasing my domain.

How many blog followers? Google Friend Connect, email and rss feed subscribers?

3 below 500 
1 between 500 and 1000
3 between 1000 and 2000
4 above 2000

I have between 1000 and 2000.

Do you charge for reviews?

9.1% Yes
72.7% No
18.2% Depends on product

I only charge for App and site reviews at this point in time.

Do you charge for giveaways?

27.3% Yes
27.3% No
45.5% Not if run with a review

I don’t charge for giveaways if run with a review but if not I charge a $75 admin fee.

How much do you charge for a sponsored post? How much? Does word count matter?

1 – No interest in doing them
1 – Hasn’t done one yet
2 – $10-$25
5 – $25-$50 Depending on length and how many links
1 – $75
1 – $500 ($250 if sponsor written)

This is one that I struggle with deciding and is fluid. Some I will post because I think it’s for a good cause or if I think it could lead to more opportunities. Others I charge between $150 and $250 depending on word count. Have I been paid this much? In product value yes, in cash – not yet I just raised my prices but I have gotten half that in cash

Ad rates for text links in sidebar or buttons, headers and other forms of advertising that isn’t a sponsored post.

Text links $10 
Text links above the fold $15 – $40 
Buttons below the fold $15 – $35
Buttons above the fold $25 – $200
Banner $40 – $50

Below are questions that the respondents had that I would love your opinions/help with.

What’s the best way to start getting sponsored content? I do giveaways where I get the item being offered, but have never done anything more than that.

For me when I get sent a press release I send them my rates. That is how I have gotten sponsored content so far. Most will come back with “Sorry we don’t have a budget for that.” Some will try to negotiate and some will pay. 

In the past I haven’t asked for anything for hosting a giveaway… but it’s something I’m definitely considering as I am getting more opps asking me to host a giveaway with nothing in it for me. I turn down tons of stuff because I would like to stick to what I think my readers will enjoy, and not become a spam-fest.

I have found that the longer I do this the more choosy I get. I will take some giveaways just because I think my readers will like it but 9 times out of 10 I will pass unless payment or product is provided for running the giveaway and all the promoting and time that goes into them, especially the big ones.

And a couple of statements:

It really irritates me when PR sends press releases and info to post without offering to pay. Then you see others post it. Bloggers need to charge something and all stick to it.

I agree having a set guideline would be nice.

I am trying to educate people on charging for giveaways, just non-review posts, and Media releases.

I agree that we should be charging, they can be very time-consuming.

So there you have it. The results. Not many bloggers answered, I was hoping for more, but as I said money talk seems to be kind of taboo. Would love to hear your opinions in the comments.

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