Rona Collection Paint and Primer in One Review

Over the past summer we have been busy working on our upstairs repairing walls, sanding and painting.  Before that we completely redid our main floor and to top it all off have been painting porches all in anticipation of a big move next summer, so paint is something I feel confident talking about.  From taping to trim we have covered just about every surface possible in our house including our kitchen cabinets.

Last month, as part of our Summer Spruce Up event, I was sent a can of the Rona Collection Smooth Velvet Paint and Primer in one to try and did I ever.  To cover the lovely (not really) yellow walls in my daughter’s room we wanted a color that would be fairly neutral while sticking with the ocean theme that my girls wanted, 1258-1 Olympia seemed the best fit.  Because the previous owners were not great DIY’ers and didn’t tape any of the drywall joints upstairs my husband had to go in and fix every single one of them which left the walls with a stark contrast between the old paint and the new patches.  Normally we would have primed the walls first, but wanting to really test out the paint as a 2 in 1 paint we decided to just jump right in with the Rona Collection paint.

The Pros of the Paint and Primer in One according to Rona:

  • No primer required.
  • A velvet finish with a discrete gloss that accentuates colour brightness.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Dries quickly and has very little odour.
  • Excellent resistance to moisture.
  • A water-based product which allows an easy tool clean-up with water.
  • Product formulated without VOCs before the addition of colourants; surpasses Canadian Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Concentration Limits for Architectural Coatings Regulations requirements.

After painting the entire room I’m satisfied with the results, but I am wishing we had primed first simply because we went from a bright yellow to a pale blue.  The color isn’t true to the swatch, because the yellow seems to bleed through so the walls appear more of a green toned blue, on sunny days, then I would have liked.  On the walls where we didn’t patch much you can’t see it as much, but the walls where there are many seams it’s quite obvious.  We will have to paint a 3rd coat, which defeats the purpose of the 2 in 1 paint.  This would not be an issue if you went darker then the original paint, but as I said I really wanted to test the coverage.  We will be repainting our bathroom with this paint as well, but this time I will prime.  I’ll update this post once I have gotten to that project with final results.

There was almost no lingering paint smell and it dried very quickly.  It also is a very easy paint to clean which is great for children’s rooms.  As with all Rona paint products the paint does provide consistent results, but if you are painting a light color over a darker one I would spend a little bit extra money and time and make sure to get a primer coat on before painting, even with the Rona Paint and Primer in one.

*Disclosure – I was provided with samples and a gift card to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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4 opinions on “Rona Collection Paint and Primer in One Review”

  1. Good to know! Thanks for the review. We moved over the summer and it appears that the old owners had teenagers who were given free reign on their choice of wall color. Lets just say some of the choices are cringe-worthy. We’ve only painted our kids rooms so far and ended up buying a bucket of primer since my daughter picked pink for her room and the previous color was neon green. We also have another room in the basement that is bright orange. Oy!

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