Safe Driving Tips for Halloween from Ford

My Friends at Ford sent me this information and I though I would pass it on.

Princesses, superheroes and characters of all kind are out in full force on Halloween night. The streets will be busy with children running about collecting treats. They will be caught up in the excitement of the evening and may forget to stop, look and listen, so drivers should be extra cautious.

Ford is committed to being an industry leader for safety and would like to remind drivers of the following tips to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time:

1.       Slow down. Children move in unpredictable patterns and will be running up and down sidewalks and zigzagging across streets. Drivers should lower their speed, especially in residential areas, as children may appear unexpectedly in the route of travel.

2.       Lights on. Having full headlights on at all times not only helps drivers to easily spot children, but also lets trick-or-treaters know when a vehicle is approaching.

3.       Eyes wide open. Children’s costumes may be dark in colour or without reflective patches, limiting their visibility. Children’s masks may also cause their view to be limited or obstructed. Drivers should keep their eyes peeled and be extra mindful behind the wheel.

4.       Stay alert. All it takes is one second for a child to dart across the street and into a driver’s path of travel. As always, stay alert and keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

For additional safe driving tips from Ford, please visit:

*Disclosure – This is not a sponsored post, just some good information.

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  1. “All it takes is one second for a child to dart across the street and….” Yes, keep eyes on the road as much as possible for maintaining safe vehicle control, if some thing happens.

    Interesting read and nice written.Thanks for bringing up the article.

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