Saving Money and Time with the New YP App

I am an app addict. I collect apps like other people collect trading cards. My favourite apps above all others have to be the ones that save me time and/or save me money. Back when I was a kid we didn’t have the internet to help us find deals, let alone cell phones. We let our “fingers do the walking” through the yellow pages to find the businesses and deals near us. The only problem is it was only updated once a year and if you didn’t keep your weekly flyers you had to call to find out if there were new ones. Now thanks to technology, finding the best deals in our neighborhood is so much easier.

Yellow Pages are still my go to place to find the best deals near me thanks to their latest version of the YP App. It not only makes finding business in my area easier it also helps me save time and money making my shopping experience even better. With the YP app I can find out when my favourite coffee shops are open, what payment methods the little Thai restaurant around the corner takes, leave a review of their (amazing) soup and more. I can even create a list of my favourite places to shop so that I can shop smarter. I also love that I can share the really great deals I find with all of my friends on social media. Deals displayed on products offered by businesses like free donuts from Tim Hortons to celebrate their 50th birthday! That’s one sweet deal!

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One of my favourite features of the new the YP App is that it helps you to save money on gas. I can check and see what my usual gas station is charging compared to others and plan my day accordingly using the map-integrated feature.

The new YP App offers you three different ways to search – Business, Person and Reverse phone look-up. Reverse phone look-up comes in particularly handy if you are like me and write numbers down without names and then days or weeks later are left staring at a piece of paper with a phone number without a name. With all 3 methods of searching use you can do a local search using a city name or by using GPS. This is great for planning ahead; say if you were to be going on a cross country road trip.

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The YP App is available for free from iTunes and for android in the Google Play Store. Visit for more information. You can also keep up with the latest on their Facebook page or Twitter account.

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