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We have quite the collection of xbox games, but until recently none that were geared specifically to the toddler/preschool crowd. Many of the games that we have, my four-year-old daughter has trouble making them work, and even more so when paired up with one of her big sisters. There were no such problems making Sesame Street – Kinect work for her. While it’s not a true game, rather an interactive TV episode, it still has segments and mini games in which kids get to play with some of their favourite characters from the 2011-2012 season. Characters like Elmo, Grover and Cookie monster come alive for your little ones in a whole new way.

Children can interact with their favorite Sesame Street characters on-screen to help them with tasks, play in their world and learn together. Use full-body gestures and voice recognition to move from experience to experience, and go from passive watching to active participation, only available with Kinect for Xbox 360.* With new content created exclusively for Kinect and access to hundreds of classic clips from the Sesame Street archive, learning has never been so much fun. “Kinect Sesame Street TV” is just one of the new playful learning experiences available for Kinect for Xbox 360 that provide children and families with entirely new ways to learn while having fun and being entertained through interactive TV. Voice not available in all regions.

We were sent this game to try out and my daughter wasted no time jumping right in. Even though she isn’t a big Sesame street fan, the interactive game proved more than entertaining. She happily played her way through one whole volume, all the while laughing and playing with the characters on the screen. Some favourite moments included seeing herself reflected on a mirror on the screen and becoming part of Elmo’s word. She was just so thrilled to see herself on our TV. And really what kid doesn’t love that?

Sesame Street – Kinect is rated eC which stands for Early Childhood and can be purchased at your favourite retailer for around $29.99. This game would make the perfect gift for any pint-sized gamer on your list!


Disclosure – I was provided with a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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