Skylanders SuperChargers Review – Christmas 2015

Reviewed by Genevieve Tremblay

If you haven’t heard the cries of your children demanding the new game in the Skylanders franchise, then I don’t know where you’ve been. The new addition in the Skylanders Universe, Skylanders Superchargers , offers fast fun and gameplay that is a welcome change from the other editions.      

Skylanders Superchargers is based upon the premise that Chaos is taking over Skylands with his heinous weapon, the Doom Station of ultimate Doomstruction. The realm of Skylanders is in the process of being swallowed by Chaos’ evil device, and Master Eon has been captured by his malevolent forces. The only person who could possibly stop him would be the portal master, in other words you, along with your trusty Skylanders team.

Why get this game for Christmas 2015?

The Skylanders franchise has always been one our family’s favourite games to dive into around the Christmas season, as it can be played in multiplayer mode and is good for kids of all ages. Recent versions always have additions that keeps gameplay fresh and fun. Unlike past games, Skylanders Superchargers includes 20 new characters, with vehicles to match each one. The new obstacle courses, co-op races, and storyline allows for a unique game experience that the whole family can enjoy.

I thought Superchargers was an extremely entertaining experience, and the vehicles were my favourite part of the game. There’s nothing like crashing into several obstacles and missing all the coins – makes you feel really proud of yourself. I fancied the races and even cruised on the scaly back of a turquoise dragon, saved three poor souls from oblivion and raced against the clock. The storyline is slightly cheesy, but what isn’t cheesy these days? I loved how I could use the old Skylanders in the new game, as some of my favourite Skylanders were from the older versions. It’s an addicting game; once you pick it up it is near-impossible to put down.

Overall it was an enjoyable gaming experience, with all the intriguing points it had. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a cheesy plot, amazing vehicles and fun new characters.

skylanders superchargers

The Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack, now available for consoles and compatible iOS devices (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and iPod), is the perfect gift for the whole family! Everyone can get involved in head-to-head racing competitions – even far-away family members as the game can be played online for the first time ever!

Missile-Tow Dive Clops

And look for Missile-Tow Dive Clops, this year’s exclusive holiday Skylander. He’ll hit store shelves on December 2nd! He can slow enemies with candy-coated missiles, among other unique abilities. Additionally, new Eon’s Elite characters and Sky Racing Action Pack make for great stocking stuffers and gifts under $40!

Plus Black Friday is quickly approaching! Watch for incredible Skylanders deals, including SuperChargers Starter Packs starting at $34.99, at Toys ‘R’ Us, GameStop, Best Buy and more.

Disclosure – A sample was provided to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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