Sorry Renovations are stealing my mind

I have moved some of the reviews and giveaways this week to next since it’s been so crazy around here. I haven’t had 5 minutes to sit and type this week until today. I must have been crazy when I did my Vlog. I am exhausted my feet hurt and my house is in total chaos.

For the rest of this week DH and I are going to work on finishing the bath, painting it and getting the toilet/sink installed. I can’t wait to have a shower standing up! Sunday hopefully we will finish my bedroom closet and then the entryway closet should get some shelves. Next week DH will work on finishing the laminate (please, please, please). Then we will tackle painting the rest of the main floor room by room. Trim is last.

Boy I am tired just thinking of it. My job mostly is keeping the kids out of trouble which is a job and a half most of the time. I will post before after pictures as soon as the bathroom is done. Thanks for hanging in here with me.

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