Spring Cleaning the Medicine Cupboard #CBIAS

Spring Cleaning is in full swing in my house. I have been cleaning out the closets, going through the cupboards and sorting my stuff into keep, store and donate piles. When it comes to organizing the medicine cabinets I find I put it off until the last possible minute because it can be a time-consuming task. Since I don’t have a traditional medicine cabinet, or even a proper vanity in my bathroom I have had to find other places to store everything which means my pharmaceuticals are spread out in various cupboards and cabinets throughout the house. I have my vitamins near the plates, the most often used medicines above the fridge and a box of less used, but still necessary items in my entryway/bathroom closet.

Medicine Cupboard
My Medicine Cupboard Before

Step one – Gather everything in one place. I like doing this while the kids are out-of-the-way so that I don’t have to worry if I need to step away for a minute to get the phone or take a bathroom break. The kitchen counter or table is a great place to do this.

Step two – Check all the expiration dates on prescription and over the counter drugs. I include vitamins in this as well. Gather up all the expired products and set them aside in a bag making sure that they are in a safe place out of reach of little hands. Bring them into the pharmacist for proper disposal when you go shopping for replacement items.

Step three – Organize your medicine according to what you use most. I have the items we use on a regular basis above our fridge for easy access in the middle of the night or when fevers hit. The less used items go in to a Rubbermaid bin in my hall/bathroom closet.

medicine cabinet organization
Baskets keep everything neat.

Step four – Go shopping and replace the items that have expired or that you are low on. Head over and check out the G+ photos of my #cbias shop at Shoppers Drug Mart and see what I needed and how much I saved.

Shoppers Drug Mart
Shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart for #Cbias

Step five – Un-package the new medicine(s) and place them in the appropriate bins then step back and admire the beauty that is an organized space.

medicine cabinet
Organized Medicine Cabinet

Final tip – Replacing all the medicines at once was made easier on the pocket-book by choosing Life brand products which saved me an average of $2.50 per bottle. If you read the labels you will find that they contain the same active ingredients as the brand name medicines and having used them many times I can say they work just as well. When you are looking at replacing even just a few items the cost adds up quick so save money where you can.

On this particular trip I needed to restock 4 items and pick up 2+ new items. I was very happy with my final bill, even though I wasn’t eligible for the Double Double Optimum Offer – I saved $16.50, collected Shoppers Optimum Points and was even able to find some items that I was sure I would only be able to get at a Health Food store, which always increases the costs. Thank you Shoppers Drug Mart and Life Brand for keeping me healthy and saving me money.

Life Brand from Shoppers Drug Mart
Life Brand saves me money! $2-$3 on Average this trip.

On a side note what do you call it a medicine cabinet/cupboard/chest?

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  1. Great ideas for organizing your medicine cabinet – I SO need to do this myself! Great savings on those Life Brand products too!

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