8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Devices

Spring cleaning isn’t something that should be reserved solely for your home. While I can’t argue that closets, garages and baseboards need a good cleaning once the weather warms up and the windows can be thrown open it’s just as important to spring clean your cell phones, laptops, and other tech devices. Below are my tips for clearing the clutter on the things you use most.

Go through your apps and delete those that you haven’t used in 6 months. Like in your closet, chances are if you haven’t touched them in that long they didn’t work, weren’t fun, or you found something else that worked better. On your laptop and desktop get rid of files and programs you no longer need, and see what files are bogging you down at start up. Cnet offers up some great tips for increasing your computers performance. While time consuming it does make a difference.

Backup all your photos and documents to a cloud service like One Drive or to an external hard drive. Make a photo book of your favourites and delete the photos of your feet, food, anything that is just a blur and all the duplicate, or near duplicate photos. Only keep the photos that tell a story you want to look back on some day, even if they are a little out of focus.

Take a look at your cellular coverage and make sure it’s meeting your needs. If you are using way less than your plan covers consider downgrading, if your get really close to your data limit each month it’s probably time to look for a new plan.

Clean your devices. Seriously do it. If you aren’t already giving your cell phone and tablets a good wipe down daily, now’s a good time to start. Your cellphone has 10 times more germs than a toilet seat. While you are wiping it down, now’s a good time to change out any screen protectors you are using too. Also make sure to wipe down cases, screens, keyboards, headphones and remotes using a damp cloth, a dry toothbrush and canned air. There are also tech cleaning wipes that do a good job too.

Clear your cache,  yes even your phone has one. Every device has a different process for doing this so I suggest googling “Clear your cache “insert your device” for the step by step instructions.

Update your device OS and your apps to ensure optimum performance and security updates.

Scan your device for viruses. I have avast installed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and there are many other reputable anti-virus apps/programs available. Once you have antivirus installed set up a regular scanning schedule to keep on top of things.

Change your passwords, and please don’t make them all the same or super easy. I keep a scribbler and make my passwords hard enough that I need to refer back to the book on occasion.

These tips all offer a simple solution to help you start a new season with a clean slate tablet. Now I’m off to do some spring cleaning of my own. I’ll see you in a week.

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